Monday, October 11, 2010

Sex Therapy : Help a Brother Out

I'm still lying in bed right now...very groggy as I write this..but it is an urgent matter so I bring it to you.

A friend of mine is having some issues with his sexual performance...its really getting to him as he feels a sense of being not good enough and desperately wants to change that.

So he woke me up with a very disturbed phone call asking me this question:

What can Men do to become excellent in bed?

Ladies, this question is directed at you...what turns you on? What satisfies you?

Guys, if you're very confidently skilled in that department, please help my guy abeg!!

Let me attempt my own answer with this one pointer: Learn Your Partner's Body - Know What Works...


  1. 2 words - Alomo bitters!

  2. my man! penetration is not everything. the key thing in sex is going oral! please her with ur mouth! :D

  3. doing it long but not hard is the key. i call it "prolonged lovin"