Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayerful Politicking

In the Church I went to yesterday, the Pastor called out to anyone present who was vying for Political office in the 2011 Elections, to come forward.

They all trooped out...about 10 of them. Some actual Candidates, others representing family members or friends who were contesting.

One guy even represented two of his friends!!

The Pastor asked them to all state their names and what offices they were running for.

I remember flinching when an elderly lady amongst them said she's 'pleading' on behalf of her son who is running for (she wasn't too sure about the particular office)...Senate in the East.

The Pastor asked the Church congregation to stretch forth their hands and pray for them. My hand stayed right where it was and my eyes remained wide open.

Why should I pray for them?!

Because we are in Church? Have they declared 'Why' they are running or what vision they have to change the lives of the people whom they are gunning 'to serve'?

I will pray for God to protect someone who I can see and hear actually has a passion for the people...not for their pockets.

Since when does the fact that someone is sitting in Church make them a good person who is qualified to lead me?! I actually felt somewhat insulted that I was being called on to trade my intelligence for religous sentiment by the Pastor asking me to pray for them to succeed.

If they were all called onto that podium and asked to state their dream for Nigeria or anything that can give me even the slightest insight into their intentions, then all would have been well.

I call on spiritual leaders, or anyone that has authority over any group of people...please use your influence wisely.

If these guys who were being prayed for yesterday do make it to office and start messing up, I seriously doubt we will find them to pray against then.

If you really feel the need to pray, then pray that the Election process is fair and that your vote should count.


  1. hmm I would have to say that I agree with you!

  2. Tari this is so true. that's how someone on nairaland was asking that we should pray for erastus akingbola because his publications have touched many lives...amongst other things. One reply was, yes they would pray for a fair hearing but not that he should be acquitted when he is guilty (I think). Bottom line by analogy lets not pretend ignorance, just like akingbola does not deserve acquittal simply because he printed inspirational material, the same way religious leaders should desist from supporting political leaders without a clear, feasible and sensible manifesto.

  3. i would think the pastor is working with the idealogy that everyone in the church is a born again christian. So i guess he believes their intentions, by default, should be good. Moreover, the grace of God covers everyone - sinners or not.

  4. MISS NATURAL!!! Where have you been?! I was just about to send my Terror squad to come searching for you!! How are you?

    @Anonymous: That woild be a very faulty ideology to be working from..

  5. The influence of some naija pastors + naija political leaders = a large number of deluded citizens who don't think critically. I tire.

    Like you said, what has you praying for them got to do with their plans for the numerous children who hawk wares on the street, or the young women who have to resort to prostitution to pay their tuition, or the family that cannot afford adequate health-care? Seriously, we need to call people out on their bullshit.

    Until you tell us what platform you are running on and what your values are, as someone put it, they can all go and play in traffic during rush hour.

  6. Tari I am still around ohh. just been busy with school, packing and unpacking!! lol tari what about you! I was about to send a Howler your way. This your sporadic posting on bella, 360 and your own blog!!! yes i'm calling you out too :) Its all love though, please update us cos im sure whatever is keeping you away is some juicy stuff e.g. haha the Kingpin :)

  7. anonymous at 9:06pm got it all wrong. and thats one of my beef with naija ministries. they teach wrong things and people run with them so fast.
    if the ideology was that everyone was a born-again christian, still i don't get the sense in that. as born again christians, we pray for God's will to be done. Even if a fellow believer was running for office, that shouldn't matter. we still pray for God's will to be established!
    intentions, by default, should be good??? huh? the grace of God covers everyone - sinners or not. yes, true. so what if two of the people that came out were running for same post. u think God's grace works randomly?