Monday, October 11, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)

Monday thru Thursday

I think I'm being stalked!!

By this young goat...

Seriously, how random is it that I should see the same Kid more than three times on two different days?!

And as soon as it sees me it starts screaming "meeeeehhhhhhhhhh"!! It walks around aimlessly and always crosses the road when I'm coming through...then it takes it's time like I should spend all day watching it cross!!

Anyway, I've decided that if I see it again, I'm taking it home with me!! What kind of name can one give a little goat that feels its hotter than Cossy Orjiakor sef?!

Cossy Orjiakor

I've never been a fan of Thai food until I decided to throw in a little Naija swag to some left-over Thai food I discovered in my fridge while on a Midnight Food Rampage...

I threw in some homemade peppersoup..I'm now officially going to camp outside the Thailand Embassy!! It was an experience!!!

So you all probably know about the Eyo Festival right?! It's the biggest Festival in Lagos where the 'Adimu Orisa', a colorful procession of Eyo masquerades from the various traditional ruling houses in Lagos, make their way through the Festival grounds.

Now here's what the typical Eyo masquerade looks like:

Not too long ago, live structures of the Eyo, with their flowing white robes, were placed at different strategic points on the Island (are they also on Mainland?)...however, not too long after, someone decided to strip the Eyo's of their white robes...leaving them naked!!


So now we are confronted with a bunch of naked Eyo's when driving on Lagos roads. It doesn't help that they look like ancient Samurai about to strike you...

It's the freakiest s#*t ever, especially when driving at night...I feel the Eyo might just pounce on my car and start chasing me!!

Had fun with my boy Jibs, over some pre-Weekend beer and delicious suya...


Went to Ikeja for a Production meeting with Gbemi Phillips and the rest of the 'This is Lagos' crew...Gbemi and I agreed that we're Ikeja babes at heart!!

Gbemi & I

I grew up and lived all my life until recently, in a tiny estate called Idiroko Village in Onigbongbo, Maryland!!

It was fun times as we toured certain Ikeja spots during the course of our meeting!!

I met this Waitress who was telling me about how a lot of Waiters end up not getting paid at the end of the month because of customers who make orders and then disappear!!


Please if you do that, you need to STOP IT!! Not nice at're depriving so many people of the reward for their hard-work by that careless (or deliberate) action.

I was feeling Gbemi's tennis shoes on her short dress, which was beyond was 'skelsky'!!

Check out Gbemi's 'Hard-On'...

Gbemi's 'Hard-on'

Bayo & Yemi Moraffa

Gbemi Phillips

I decided to start heading back to the Island before I got to the point where I wouldn't be able to make-it anymore!!

Decided to stalk Tones a little...she was hanging out with her friends!! The look on her face when she raised her head at Karaoke and saw me watching her from a little distance, was PRICELESS!!

Hung with her a little, ate a shawarma and said my goodbyes!!

The Kingpin was finally done with all his long-ass meetings and came to pick me up from where I had parked my car.

He still had some business to attend to (note that this was 12 midnight) we went together and I sat quietly nursing a bottle of wine while he handled his Biz!!

He was finally done!! We hooked up with his Boys...then the night really began!!

Can you guess where that is?!

We did some major was loads of fun!! Bumped into Tones and her posse at some point in the night!

She forcefully tried to make me take off my hat as she said it's making everyone think I'm a Lesbian. When that failed, she asked the Kingpin to tell me to take it off!!

The Kingpin doesn't talk too much, but when he does speak...nothing else needs to be said! According to him, all the chics who were whispering that I'm a Lesbian "should say what's REALLY worrying them"!!

GBOSA...the Kingpin has spoken!!

My hat stayed on...


Woke up craving exactly this...

Sexy Amala, ewedu & gbegiri

Chores! Errands!! Lazing!!!

I do my household shopping at a place which has been called the 'Super-Mallam''s very small and cramped, not ideal for comfortable shopping at all!!

But I rather go there than all the other fancy stores on the Island, who are ridiculously over-priced!! Even though the Super-Mallam is small and run by a few Igbo brothers, they are very particular about 'quality at the right price'..and never do fakes!!

So something that'll cost let's say, N4000 at Park n Shop, I get exactly the same thing at 'Super-Mallam' for N2500!!

Send me a mail on if you want the location of my Super-Mallam



Promised my friend I'll come through to her Church..was late, but at least half tomato is better than a plateful of gravel!!

We went to the Palms afterward and raided the Bakery...then went to have lunch and 'Safe Sex' in one of the restaurants...

Safe Sex

It was raining gorillas and millipedes by then, so we said our goodbye's and ran under the rain to our cars!!

I sat in my car in the parking lot of the Palms for two hours just reflecting and watching the rain!! Was very enlightened by the time I was leaving!!

Went to the Bon Voyage for some Champagne and blissful chilling!!

Hotel Bon Voyage

Met some guys there who cracked me up with their gist and jokes!!

Bon Voyage directly faces the back side of Kuramo Beach...

Do you know there are people who actually live in those huts on Kuramo?!

Later attended the Review of Dr. Carlos Moore's 'Fela: This Bitch of a Life'

Tunji Lardner & Dr. Moore

Jeremy Weate

Jeremy has a very interesting blog called NaijaBlog

Dr. Moore & I

Bubu of I AM ISIGO & Debayo Oke-lawal of ONYX n PEARL

Alternative Soul Singer, BEZ performing

I love my Palm-wine...

It's FELA-BRATION week people!!!!

King of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

Abami-Eda lives on!!!!

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