Monday, September 13, 2010

Current Location: Hairdresser's
Issue on Ground: Taking another Hair Risk...
Current Solution: Join hands with Blog readers and pray it goes well!!

Sitting here at Rehab, waiting for my Hairdresser, Dada to do his wonders!! I've decided to come back to my natural hair from my lil braids hiatus!!

This time though, iv decided to add a lil spunk to it. Oh Lord, pls let all my hair not fall off..also pls let me not look like a sun-tanned Ram with this look.

Been watchin some TV while sitting here...Michael Jackson story, a brief bio on Eva Longoria...and Khloe Kardashian getting a Bikini Wax (??!!)

I don't remember the last time I sat through watching E!...and now I remember why!

I'm just not enthralled by the irrelevant footage of Celebrity me how to make the Network or gimme steps in turning a lil show into a multi-million dollar Global marketing platform..then I'm interested!!

No matter what though, you've gotta give it to these Kardashian bunch! They've really sold us all on the seeming bizzareness of their lives. I say 'seeming' cos what's really so different about how they live?

The only difference is that they have the balls to document it..with a little extra va-va voom!!

LOL...I can literally see the lines of the Script in this Kardashian show!! Nothing about Reality TV is real...lurve it..Lol

Oh Wow...Daily Ten...they still do that show?!

Okay so I could soooooo predict exactly how this episode of 'Khloe & Kourtney' will end right from the beginning!! Knew exactly what they were trying to do from get go!!

Yes..I am feeling very cool with myself right now...Bite me!!

Now off to wash my hair...say a lil prayer for me so I don't go through the BAD hair phase all over again!!

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  1. tari, r u in lagos? cuz the only REHAB i know is in california...