Monday, September 13, 2010

Current Location: Hairdresser's
Issue on Ground: Just thinking...
Current Solution: What you think...Lol

A lot of times recently, I've asked myself why the heck I'm giving my time and attention to this MTV 'giving Africa a voice' slogan matter.

As in really, what should I care...and what on this formerly green earth makes me think I can actually make a difference.

Truth is...I don't know.

I realise that nothing may change at the end of the day and I may have just wasted precious time and talent...but then again, I also wonder about myself as a person, if I don't do anything about it.

I was and still am very insulted and disappointed about that slogan being sold on air everyday...but I was just going to share my pain with you guys on the Blog and let it end there.

It was actually an Anonymous reader who gave me sleepless nights by tipping me off to the fact that I can do something about it.

Whoever you are (I suspect someone) I truly appreciate you telling me that...little do you know how you have helped transform my life.

Do you know how much difference it makes to me to know that I can actually DO something about a situation I believe deep in my conscience is wrong?

Everyday on these streets I witness situations...people..that depress me!!

I see little kids hustling during school hours for petty change.

I see young girls being forced to hawk their bodies just to be able to go to school.

I see little boys trading away the possibility of ever growing to become great men, because of an idea being sold to them that they should 'Get rich QUICK or die trying'

Its sad...very sad!! Sometimes, I feel so depressed and helpless about such things, that I retreat within myself to find comfort.

Sometimes I feel so disconnected from my environment that I don't want to see or talk to anyone (except you of course...wink)

I just want to DO something about what I consider to be important. I just want to use what iv been given to create a better world for those to whom I find myself being responsible.

That's why I'm doing this...because I CAN.

Its wrong for people...corporations..whoever, to broadcast lies just because they know they are operating in a country where everything goes. Its just WRONG!!

And I refuse to sit back and accept it.

So yes Tari, this is why its important that you do this...and even if nothing changes about the issue, that's fine cos most importantly, YOU changed...and that's the true meaning of Success.

Nevertheless, I shall keep writing, keep advocating...and hopefully one day, the voice of this obscure Ijaw girl might just be heard!!

But what am I saying...its being heard right now! guys may never know what you do for me on this Blog...just by being here for me to constantly express ME to.

Thank you and I'll keep praying to God that you yourself experience the invaluable gift which you give to me.



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  2. TBH I dont know much about the whole Mama slogan, never heard it before. What I do know is that I would support anyone who has a worthy have demonstrated it is worthy. You're doing great as a leader in this movement. We love reading ur blog too!

  3. Tari, i believe you have concisely made your point with this: "But then again, I also wonder about myself as a person, if I don't do anything about it".

    Sometimes that is all that is needed to spur us to action: being unable to look at ourselves if we do nothing.

    P.S. Yes you are being heard and thanks for not being afraid to be vulnerable.