Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two-Timing Tari : Confession Time

So after my solid declaration last week to confess my two-timing to Mr. Smooth & Mr. Classic, the weekend came and my liver began to shrink in size.

How was I going to say it?

What if they unleashed their inner monsters which I knew nothing about on me when I told them?

Would they think I’m a HOOOEEE?!!

And the worst of all..What if I lost them both or even one of them?

For a moment I felt like coming back here to tell you guys that it was all April Fool’s ooooo..the problem is that its August and there’s no way to convince you otherwise.

Why do I place myself in situations like these?! Couldn’t I have just shaat my big mouth and continued chopping and cleaning mouth?!!

Friday came and I had a quickie session with both of them (separately of course). I was withdrawn and snappy, but that didn’t faze any of them.

That’s the amazing thing about these guys..they are such GREAT Guys!! No matter how much I tried to snap and be as grouchy as I could, so that I could strike up a fight, they never showed even the slightest sign of irritation.

It’s really weird you know, but sometimes I actually have nightmares about them being the same guy!! Is it possible for there to be two guys of such strength of character and warm-heartedness..and they both happen to be my Man?!

As in really, I should consider that possibility!! With the advent of Technology these days, ANYTHING is possible..and both of them are not your average Johnny-Just-Come..they know what’s up!!

In the very early hours of Sunday morning, I was with Mr. Smooth in his lair on 98.1

He sensed my withdrawal and stiffness, but was still his usual self: the perfect, sexy Gentleman.

I tried to form vexing so that we would fight and then he’d beg that point I’d go “By the way I’m seeing someone else”..and because he’s already begging me anyway, he’d just brush it aside as nothing.

No show oooo!! Mr. Smooth is so mature; he had a gentle response for every of my childish rants..I soon began to relax..I mean wouldn’t you?!

Very soon, he had me down to butter; as usual I soon forgot every single thing, especially the fact that there was any other Man or even person that existed apart from him..he smells sooooo damn good!!!

Mr. Smooth treated me so good that night, I caught myself a FEVER!!!

I never got to tell him about Mr. Classic.

Later that Sunday morning, while having a very relaxed session with Mr. Classic on the 97.3 frequency, my heart began to pound all over again.

Mr. Classic is such a happy Guy; I hate to even think about anything bothering him at all, not to talk of when I’m now the culprit.

It wasn’t helping matters as well that I was still yet to recover from my Dessert at Dawn experience with Mr. body still caught the shivers whenever I had flashes of all he’d done to me that morning.

Once or twice, Mr. Classic caught me smiling absently, but I brushed it off saying I was just too pleased to be around him, hence the blushing.

I knew it wasn’t fair to be bringing Mr. Smooth into my quality time with Mr. Classic, so I immediately decided to make it up to him.

I changed outfits and danced to D’angelo’s ‘Baby Let’s Cruise’, exclusively for him. He could only watch and not touch.

He later told me that he never realized that song was soooooo long!! Needless to say, Mr. Classic was extremely pleased with my sensual performance.

I decided to take full advantage of his pleasure, by seizing the moment to tell him about Mr. Smooth.

He was silent the entire time I spoke, and looked deep into my eyes as I poured it all out to him.

Then Mr. Classic did something I will NEVER forget for as long as I live: he stood up, came to where I was seated, drew me to a standing position, lifted me in his arms and placed me to stand in front of a full-length mirror.

He asked me to take a good, long look at myself..I did. Then he said these words:

“I see YOU, Tari.”

I swirled around to face him, trying to get a better understanding of what he was saying. He looked deep into my eyes, his eyes were misty, and had in them something so deeply radiant yet intense.

“YOU are my Queen. The very best of everything I am. Nothing..absolutely NOTHING you did yesterday, today or even tomorrow is going to change that.”

His words were like a force that overwhelmed me..ridding me of all my resistance. My knees lost their balance, and I began to crumble to the floor. Mr. Classic caught me and held me close to himself. He whispered in my ears..

“If I had only a little piece of you Tari, it would still be worth more to me than anything this world could ever offer me..”

At that point, I broke down completely.

“No Mr. Classic, please don’t say that…I’m not what you think I am…please don’t settle for this rubbish I’m giving you..”

“Sssssshhhhhh..” he shut me up with a kiss. He gently wiped my face with his hands and kissed my eyes as if to stop the flow of tears.

“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that Tari? I see your true colors..I see YOU..and you are by far the most exquisite creature I have ever laid my eyes or imagination upon. Please allow me the pleasure of you..however little of YOU I have”.

There was only one thing I could think of at that point..CHOCOLATE!!

For some weird reason, I’d never be able to explain, this god of a Man was declaring his unconditional love for me, and all I could think about was Chocolate?!

I stupidly told him what was on my mind.

He laughed at me and stroked my chin, while he said to me in the softest voice possible “It’s plain to see, you’re the reason why God made a girl..”

Isn’t it annoying how time flies when you’re having fun?! Especially with a Man who is nothing short of a Dream!!

High on the euphoria of Mr. Classic, I soon went over to keep my Brunch appointment with Mr. Smooth on the 98.1 frequency.

For the first time ever, I was actually thinking of Mr. Classic while with Mr. Smooth. That NEVER happens!! I forget EVERYTHING when I’m with my Smooth Operator.

I watched him intently as he put everything in place for our Brunch. Then I decided to give it a shot..

“I’m in a very passionate relationship with another man.”

His hands stopped mid-air as he was pouring the golden champagne into an antique crystal flute for me. He immediately recovered, lifted the glass and brought it over to me.

As I took the glass of champagne from his hand, I peered closely at his face, searching for any tell-tale signs of what was going on his head. I saw nothing.

He lifted his own glass, raised it to me and said “Cheers”

I was confused. Cheers?!! I just told him that ground-breaking piece of information and “CHEERS??!”

Now I was pissed!! I always knew this guy was just too good to be true..he doesn’t even give a shit about the fact that I’m dating another guy!!

I decided to give it another shot..

“I’m just coming from him right fact..this morning he...” Mr. Smooth held up his hand, cutting me off mid-sentence.

“..And you think I have not known about him ALL this while?!”

I almost dropped my glass!! I caught it in the nick of time as I remembered how lovely it was!

I stared at Mr. Smooth blankly. He continued..

“If I tell you exactly how I feel, would you still keep giving me the best of YOU?!”

Now, I haven’t been trained as to how to answer such questions, and I actually didn’t quite understand what he meant, but I was too stunned, I simply nodded.

Mr. Smooth proceeded to tell me, in his controlled, authoritative voice, about how he had known about my relationship with Mr. Classic all this while.

He was under no illusion about what I’m capable of.

“Why..why..didn’t you ever say anything?” I stuttered

He said it was because he had actually been hoping it will happen this way..that is me coming to confess ALL to him.

“..and I also enjoyed watching you get lost in me every single time you came from him…I love making you forget he exists.”

A chill went down my spine. I stared at this man standing before me..poised, elegant and completely unfazed by my Unfaithfulness.

Could it be because he was also being unfaithful? But even if he was, I didn’t have the right to challenge him about it..

He read my thoughts. “No, there is no-one else.”

I was about to open my mouth again..

“..And it will remain that way, whether you choose to continue with your lover or not.”

A barrage of consolations about that were about to spew forth from my mouth, but he simply turned his back on me, walked to the head of the table, drew out a seat and beckoned to me..

“Shall we eat?”

Like a mindless zombie, I walked over slowly and took the sit he had drawn out for me..

I watched him from underneath my eye-lashes as he ate in his slow, regal manner. As my heartbeat increased rapidly, and my breath caught every few seconds, I finally admitted to myself something I’ve always know but never wanted to accept.

I am slightly afraid of Mr. Smooth.

I knew on some level deep within me, that he is an extremely dangerous man. A wonderfully dangerous man.

To my shame, I began to feel a familiar tremor make its way down to my most intimate parts.

I think it’s time to find out exactly what Mr. Smooth wants from me. From his response to my confession, I suspected that he may simply just be enjoying the thrill of having me entirely under his control.

Hmmmnnn..there’s only one way to find out how true that is.


Yes, that is my next mission! Let’s see how SMOOTH he will be when I make him believe he is losing his power over me.

With that thought, I raised my head and gave him the sweetest smile even I didn’t think I had in me.

He just smiled calmly and shook his head. Gosh, why did his eyes twinkle so brightly when he smiled.

I wondered if my submission to Mr. Smooth was borne out of Love or out of Fear.
Project Rebellion will reveal all that I suppose.

I fleetingly thought about Mr. Classic also. Could it be that I’ve set these two Men on such a high pedestal that I have become blinded to who they truly are?

Is Mr. Classic’s response to my confession a Lover’s response or is it something else I may be missing?!

Who really is Mr. Classic? What did I even know about him?!

I see Project RESEARCH beginning to rear its inquisitive head..

I guess it’s time to really get to know these two men I’ve been giving myself to all this while.

Commence Project RESEARCH & REBELLION with immediate effect.

To be continued...


  1. LMAO! you are a total nutcase, now you have me hooked on this...Me is waiting for the follow up! Thumbs up girl....

  2. Am confused thinking about this scenario,they both seem too good to be true. I wouldn't want to spend a day in your shoes when you finally decide but deep down, I think Mr Classic has my heart. Mr Smooth seemed to enjoy watching you "fool" yourself without saying anything....I don't know jare, am confused talk less of u!

  3. @ last anonymous,
    com'on, they r her heartrob's on radio nau?! no need for any brain-racking, dont hurt urself thinkin abt it...

  4. lol at tremor to my intimate parts! lol the part that spoke to me haha. Tari I think you can juggle both of them, I really do. Just like we have people for different reasons in our lives the same can apply to stations. If one's getting possessive just show him who's the boss! This is really good, you could be very well talking about two men.

  5. LOL! Goodluck with project research and rebellion!

  6. LMFAOTIT!!!! (laughing my freaking ass off till i tire)!

  7. Tari I guess you have no probs. I know in your heart of heart you know who to choose. However, a player is a player any day. In my own candid opinion they are both players ! Enjoy their Fake Love and RUN !