Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two-Timing Tari : The Classic Man VS The Smooth Man

I can’t escape this life that I’m living. I’m in a mix; I’m in love with two Men.

Two insanely attractive and hugely successful men of the highest quality, who are on the brink of driving me insane with their magnetic allure.

They live on two different frequencies and have uniquely distinct attributes, which somehow makes it easier for me to two-time them without getting busted by either of them.

They are The Classic Man, who lives on the 97.3 frequency & The Smooth Man who has his lair on the 98.1 frequency.

These two Men contribute in giving me the most exhilarating experiences during my weekends and also on week-days.

The freedom to move from one of them to the other, without implicating myself, also adds to the thrill of my exotically sinful romantic liaisons with them.

Let me tell you a little about both of them:

The Classic Man makes me high.

He is like a drug which has become legal because of the euphoria it gave even those who were responsible for the enforcement of its ban. Think the Chairman of N.D.L.E.A becoming the Chief Advocate for the legalization of Marijuana, as a result of how the grass changed his own life.

That is how my Classic Man makes me feel. He uplifts my soul in so many different ways. He takes me through the sands of time, elevating my consciousness to different planes of musical indulgence.

He touches me in places I reserve for myself and makes me want to put an ‘Exclusively Reserved For The Classic Man’ sign in those doorways.

Thoughts of him even when I am absent from him, make me release bubbles of laughter, which swallow me up in their cocoon and take me on a delightful sail in the clear skies.

My Classic Man is a happy-go-lucky guy who is as infectious as the song on his lips.

The Smooth Guy on the other hand..aaahhhhh..a darkly sensuous rush makes its way through my body as I even mention his name.

Yes, that’s the one word I can use to describe him right now; Dark.

Think creamy, luxurious Dark Chocolate; Rare and refined, being poured all over the buttery brown skin of an ancient African goddess.

I’m a very opinionated woman who likes to express her knowledge at a given opportunity, but when I’m around my Smooth Man, I rest my case.

Every single sense in my system is shut down, making room for the awakening of a single sense: The Sense of Savoury.

I loose myself in my Smooth Man. I become so enraptured in his enchanting power and sensuously rhythmic motion that I completely forget everything I am and am not, and take on the luxury of his presence.

His voice is like the melting of ice on a warm mountain bed.

His touch is like a King’s release of passion after a long period of war.

The way his gaze falls on me is like the awareness the Ghost Leopard brings to the forest as his eyes fall upon a waiting prey.

My Smooth Man does things to me that make me wonder if I dreamed them even while they’re still happening to me.

Nothing else exists when I’m with my Smooth Man. It is at the point when I have to leave him that I remember that there is a world outside of the velvety magnificence of him.

This last Sunday, I actually felt the first pang of guilt at my two-timing. I was with The Classic Man, and he had filled my morning with intense lovemaking which had awakened layers of my soul that go deeply beyond the realms of this Dimension.

Knowing my love for God and the journey God has brought me through, my Classic Man signed his name on my heart forever, by singing to me the song ‘Balm of Gilead’.

That took me back to every moment in the past in which I had been hurting, broken and afraid, when God like a Balm, healed me and shaped me into this beautiful person you now see.

By this thoughtful and invaluable gesture, my Classic Man was affirming me, and acknowledging the beauty he beholds when he looks at me.

“How can one Man make a woman feel this special?” I thought to myself as I lay in his arms comforted by the stroke of his fingers against my side.

Then, shortly after, without giving him any notice at all, I broke the serenity of our union and rushed out of our love enclave, without even knowing what I was going after myself.

I found myself unconsciously making my way to the 98.1 frequency to join my Smooth Man for Brunch.

His kind eyes and disarming smile welcomed me as he served me with the quiet dignity of a King providing for his Queen.

If only he knew where I had been only moments before. I wondered if my Classic Man’s breezy scent still lingered on me.

I soon forgot that and everything else as my Smooth Man drew me into himself with his grand chariots and enthroned me upon the sacred throne of his heart.

Oh God, why have you blessed me with the love of these two glorious Kings, and then imposed the curse of a conscience upon my unfaithful heart?

I don’t want to lie and cheat these two men anymore. They don’t deserve to be treated this way by me or even anyone else.

I’m going to come clean with both of them by letting each one in on the existence of the other, since I'm definitely not willing to let go of either.

I hope they’ll be satisfied in the fact that there is no Main Squeeze or Side Chick in my affair with them.

They are both my Kings and I promise to love them both with equal passion and commitment.



  1. Ookaay...all I wanna know before I comment further is; is this fact or fiction?

  2. once you tell us we'll be able to make an informed decision demonstrated by our comments haha. Ill be back to read this properly, havent done so yet

  3. First of all T, u drop ur lines like damn!!!!!never knew u had it in u.....5 thumbs up!
    Secondly...err....imma have 2 go wif third dis 4 real, or its just yo mind?

  4. LOL! In love with two RADIO stations? Only you Tari!

  5. OMG Tari....i died a little read this piece....ohhhhh girl!!!!

  6. Hmn... I didn't know u cld be that poetic. Seems you have been reading the songs of solomon. I guess Mr Cheeks of lost boyz will be jealous if he reads this... U sure rock with this my diva

  7. Afer the third paragraph i figured u were talkin about radio stations but i must say, this piece is amazing!!

  8. Tari you are an awesome writer! when I commented earlier I thought it was about men, now obviously radio stations! nice one, very sensuously described!

  9. The first thing that came to my mind was Mills and

    Can you teach me how to describe stuff like that you'll be helping a brother to change his status from single to in a relationship with those lines of yours *winks*.

    Great job!!!

  10. Thank Goodness - I thot it was just me!

  11. Wow! i didn't even realise you were talking about radio stations until i read the comments. Damn!! are you poetic. I wish i could describe write as brilliantly as you do. nice work.