Monday, August 16, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)


Prof-Mummy has gone on this die-hard mission to remind my sister and I that we are IJAW!!!

It's soooo funny cos it is in this our old-age that she has started speaking the language to us and then she drops all these hints about how we have to go 'Home' soon!!

Her quest has even extended to our Diet...she has taught all the maids how to cook traditional Ijaw dishes, hence, this is what I had to eat for most of last week...

Fresh Fish Peppersoup


I declared this day my 'NO WRITING' Day!!

I was only going to absorb Information that day and give none out!!

So there's me being Studious. My goodness...I found a book called 'The 48 Laws of Power' in my sister's bedroom!!

That book is delightfully evil!! I threw it away not too long after going through some of their ideas...some scary evil thoughts had already begun to form in my head!!

Not for me I guess!

Had a wave of depression later that evening...which led me to also getting myself BOUNCED from Bungalows!! (check my Diary for that post)

I blamed it on the new..Pension-starved Prostitute hair-do...


Was invited by a group of young people (ages 15-25) called Chozyn Generation, who are readers of TARIERE, to come speak at their event.

They are a bunch of really cool people...shout-out to Dapo & Bonnie (I know I spelt that wrongly)!! Gospel Rap duo, Rooftop MC's were also present to speak at the event.


It was so much FUN sharing with them and answering the questions they were asking.

I soon had to dash out to make Toni Tones Dad's birthday...

Senator Anthony Adefuye (Tones Dad...her birth name is Gbemisola Anthonia Adefuye...Tones is short for Anthonia) turned 66 last week and celebrated in grand style, with a 5-day event which consisted of a Thanksgiving service, a visit to the Motherless Babies' Home and the official launching of his Autobiography.

Saturday was the final showdown!!

Gbemi Adefuye a.k.a Toni Tones & Big sis, Ola Adefuye

I have so much respect for Tones big sister, its like, just crazy!! I probably do all but kneel down and greet her when I see her. She is such a beautiful, strong, Independent, single, young woman.

She carries herself with such dignity and self-respect..its AMAZING!!! And then, from what Tones has told me, she's made some very difficult but necessary life choices which have just stamped her in my head as such a GREAT woman!!

To top it all up, she's now runs a Primary & Secondary school, and is passionate about Education!! I'm in love & AWE...

Ola Adefuye

At the party, we got a little star-struck by King Sunny Ade...

Me, KSA & Ola

We later took the party train to Marquee at Mega-Plaza, where unknown to me, a pleasant surprise awaited me...


Me & Seun Opaleye

I love her soooooooo much!!! She hasn't been around for a bit, she had to go shop for her wedding.

We were both so sad that she couldn't be at my birthday parties...especially the Kirikiri one!!

We had a great time at Marquee...surprisingly the first time I'd EVER enjoy being there!!

2 of my 3 fave girls - Seun & Tones (the 3rd is 'My Boo'..Ton my little sister)

Soon Seun was doing what I call her 'Lolita n Monica' dance steps...

LOL...that girl can't dance to save her life!! At least there's someone worse than I am!

Speaking of Dancing...there was this White chic at Marquee...SHEEE-IITTTTTT!!!

She had a Figure 8 first of all...very unusual for a White girl!! She was now wearing a half-top with jeans...this girl was doing things with her waist and hips that made me wanna jump over the balcony!!

That chic was moving her body in ways that prior to Saturday, I thought could only be imagined!! I was transfixed.

Seun & Me

On the way out, I encountered yet another chic in a tight, short leopard skin dress, with a Booty so huge I almost tripped over it!!!

We were raving hungry afterwards, so stopped at Bacchus for a Shawarma...ended up getting Hot-dogs instead.

Tones and co. dropped me off at home and I soon settled down to eat my hot-dog, which I must confess, tasted like gourmet cooking!!!

The Timbuktu's were fast asleep...probably had gotten tired of waiting for me to return home!!


Lazed around all day..was spared Prof-Mummy's Peppersoup diet for Lunch...thank goodness!!

But she also insists on having green vegetables also...

..Then went for an Event later...

Moji Awoniyi of DeKey Events, was marking the one-year Anniversary of her thriving Event Company!!

Will have pictures from the Event for you shortly...

The Buffet was out-of-this-world delicious!! The Bestie, Seun Opaleye of Christiana's Cuisine, was one of the Caterers.

I'm so glad I have my appetite back!! For weeks I haven't been able to eat well...but I'm slowly starting to eat again..

What can I say...I love Puff-puff!!!


  1. Lol @ first time enjoying looking forward to mine cos I av never enjoyed it...nice weekend I see.

  2. awww tari........luvs......muah muah muah......

  3. Your blog is great! makes for a very entertainin read. thanks for d stuff u said abt me for a sec i wasn't sure it was me but sure enuf there r pics to prove it, u made me sound great now u have me goin round thinkin "men im awesome!" :). its cool cos ur pretty awesome too;) thanks nd luv u loads xoxo =)