Friday, August 13, 2010

Current Location: sitting in car outside house
Issue on Ground: hmmmnn..feeling veerryyy alone
Current Location: try and make a connection via blog

I wonder if I have a right to feel this way though! Its not like I'm all alone in some foreign country with no family and friends around.

No...right inside this building, I have the most loving family present. So why do I feel this sense of disconnect?!

Neither of my Lovers (Mr Classic n Smooth) have even succeeded in making me feel better tonight.

Timbuktu has his family..I felt really bad earlier on when I grabbed him from the intimate family time they were having and hugged him tightly.

I'm hungry.

I should probably go have a meal...and maybe some wine...nah..don't like drinking at times like this..makes me dependent!!

I've been invited to speak at an Event being organised by some Youth group tomorrow...I haven't even prepared yet.

Maybe I should go do that instead of feeling sorry for myself! What would I say to them I wonder...

"Hello, my name is Tari and I feel like a TRAIN-WRECK!!!"

Or.."Of all the sane people in Lagos and around the world, you select this neurotic and overtly psychotic freak to come speak to you (then release wild madman-like laughter as punctuation)!!"

Maybe selecting what to wear would make me feel better now! I really shouldn't be doing this to myself...sooooo not healthy.

I blame it on the hair-do...I call it my Pension-starved Prostitute look...and rightly so, as it just got me bounced from Bungalows ( Beer Parlour)!! Bouncers probably thought I was a prostitute, hence the "We don't allow single ladies.." approach.

I just wanted to have myself a quiet beer all by myself and I got bounced!! LOL...ok at least that has made me laugh now!

So funny...I didn't even argue..its not by force to go and spend my money abi?! Even better..lemme save..I might be a broke-ass Street Bum I better treasure every kobo I have now!!

Anyway, thanks for at least helping me laugh at my own expense...can't believe I was bounced....LMAO!!!

Its this facking hair-do!!

Wow...I feel so much better..I guess I'm not that messed up after-all!! This blog na wa...


  1. Lol, u should have put up ur picture we'd be the judges of the hair. I'm sure it's not that bad. All the best at ur youth thingie. xx

  2. put up a pic,lets see

  3. maybe you're feeling broody :) seeing Mr Timboks and his family is definitely having an effect on u lol. How was the talk? I'm sure it went great and today you're feeling uber better!!!