Thursday, July 22, 2010

Savoir Vivre - School of Enjoyment

The Rules for Proper Etiquette and Social Behaviours have been around for generations!!

In ancient Civilisations and even our traditional African societies, young women were taken through a Grooming process, to enable them represent themselves, their families, and eventually their husbands in the best way possible.

Savoir Vivre
an exclusive Etiquette School in Lagos, Nigeria, has taken on these invaluable traditions of old and adapted them to our Modern times, with the aim of moulding beautiful, young women into the Ladies they were born to be.

Savoir Vivre is a French concept which means the ability to live life well and with intelligent enjoyment, meeting every situation with poise, good manners, and elegance.

Tolu Akinrele - Director, Savoir Vivre

Savoir Vivre leaves nothing uncovered during it's lively and Interactive Sessions, and you can learn everything from Social Presentation of yourself, to even secrets to effective Entertaining of guests in your home, which have been passed down from generations of Noble women.

I attended the last session, which held on the 6th-7th July, 2010, in Victoria Island, Lagos.

I learned sooo was AMAZING!!! Now I can hardly wait to create my Palace for me and my King!! *gigantic smile*

I'll definitely be keeping you posted on the next one, so you don't accuse me of enjoying all the good things by myself!!

Make Enquiries & Reservations on upcoming Savoir Vivre events on 08023021339, 08027735736 OR vist their offices at 19a Teslim Elias Close, off Ahmadu Bello Rd, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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  1. Does she really combine 'Nigerian' traditional etiquette with the Western?

    I took etiquette classes in yankee but of course they were all European. I always wondered about a Nigerianized version....