Friday, July 23, 2010

Current Location: My Bed..chilling with Mr Timboks
Issue on Ground: Nada..just excited!!

The time is exactly 4:19am right now!!

Interesting isn't it?! Its the morning after my Birthday and I haven't been able to sleep..excitement from too many things!!

Oh, you guys I had a great party!! I wanted a FABULOUS party with heels, and hair, and swag!!


How ridiculous am I?! Getting caught up in all the Ridiculousness of this city I live in!!

I love God's sense of humor and the way in which He does for you what HE knows is right...when You've asked Him to take control that is.

He gave me a GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!

I'm actually giggling as I think of it ALL right now!!

It was like intimate family partying for me..all my MAIN people were around!! Well, not all..The Bestie is not around so she couldn't be there!! *sad*

My adopted brothers and sisters were though..and we had a BLAST!!

I kept trying to DUCK everytime John was about to take pictures of me with a glass in my hand!! I suspect you guys believe I'm a FREAKING Champ-aign (as Yvonne calls it) Mistress!!

So I decided NO MORE pictures of me holding glasses!! I doubt I succeeded in that though...

I had a GREAT birthday guys..nOw I just wanna SLEEP!!

Oh..and thanks to my Egbon who threw me the party!! Love you Bro!!

(This Diary entry was written at 4am but posted at 2pm)

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  1. Happy belated birthday Tari! You kept that quiet huh. I know you had an awesome day...niceee! Here's to many more, *holding up a champagne glass* lol (you cant escape it)!