Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 10/10 Way To Express Yourself

Nigerians are known all over the world to be very EXPRESSIVE people..we take pride in saying just what we want, exactly how we want it said..not giving a hoot about who's sucking their breath in at our Audacity!!

A new Lifestyle Clothing Line called 10/10 (Ten over Ten), takes pride in giving young Nigerians a direct platform from which they can scream whatsoever they desire at the world around them - from their T-SHIRTS!!

Benjamin Oligbo - 10/10 Founder 10\10 Exclusive \Chief Consultant

Lagos has been completely taken over by this RADICAL form of Self-Expression, and young, hip people are falling over themselves to grasp their hands on one of these T-shirts, which allows them communicate their deepest thoughts and opinions to the world.

The Mo'Hits Crew, Shank, Richard Mofe-Damijo and some of the current Big Brother All Stars have also gotten a 10/10 mark!!! Also, certain very Prominent members of the Lagos State Government have ordered their very own customised 10/10 T-Shirts!!

The Girls are loving these T-shirts as much as they're loving their men..

It also helps the Crackberrians...

Errr...and the Male Gigolos as well...LOL

..And I think I'm gonna grab these ones for myself...

To schedule your own 10/10 Consultation & Delivery, call 08136615995 and get a 10% Discount by mentioning TARIERE!!!


  1. These t-shirts are cool sha. They can be customized abi?

  2. For us folk outta Naija nnko? :-(

  3. Customising and Limited Editions is what 10/10 clothing is about. 10/10 clothing can be purchased in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa too. Delivery can also be made all over the world. Feel free to express the inner you and Perfect yourself with 10/10.

  4. Oh wow!!! I've owned a 10/10 tee for about a year now, a gift from a dear friend, and it repped #LightUpNigeria. NICE!!!