Monday, July 19, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures

Got a new Haircut just before the Weekend!!

My Hairdresser got very scissors-happy after I told him I was bored-sick of the usual way he cuts my hair..I think he actually felt insulted, but I really didn't care, cos it definitely made him step-up his game...

I'm sooo loving the new DO!!

Thursday & Friday were spent working all through..morning and evening!!

Finally got some breathing time late Friday evening, and decided to spend it with a bottle of wine and Mr Timbuktu!! (Oh he sends his love by the way!!)


I was determined to find a book I wanted to read after I heard the Writer tell his story on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). So I spent my morning and early afternoon searching Book stores on the Island in vain!!

Finally, just when I resigned myself to having to order it, I was directed elsewhere..and there it was..

Along with another book I've wanted to read again ever since I read it when I was like 11yrs old!! Finding it was such a pleasant surprise, I felt like it was my birthday or something!!!!!

Then I stopped over to see these Hairnet Queens...

Juwon, Yvonne & Jecintha

Later went to Interview Hollywood actress, Shondrella Avery-Kester at Newscafe...

It was FUN, FUN times..she is such a Colorful Personality!! Don't worry, I'll soon be done with the Piece so you can enjoy.

Then went for Ayaka Nights..and then stopped over to see my Tones!

Tones & I


Church was a WONDERFUL experience!! Pastor Wale Adefarasin spoke about what he called the 'School of Suffering'!!

Later went for SIMEOGEME's launch of their 'Black Collection' at the GET Arena..


Isowa & Anu



Benita, Toyosi & Lola Ashafa of PERIDOT & RUBY

Banke Meshida-Lawal & Osime

Then briefly checked out an Exhibition at the Life House..


After that, it was to REHAB for the Elite Model Look Official Launch (pictures and gist from there coming soon)

These two Doll-babies wouldn't let my glasses be..

Juwon Ogundipe

Jecintha Powell

..but every CORRECT glasses knows it's REAL owner..

Yeah mehn..that's what we are talking about!!

Hope YOU had a great weekend!! Have a delicious week ahead!!!!


  1. Tari your weekends always seem like so much fun. Plus you're really naturally pretty, lol so I find it so hard to reconcile the 'bum' pic you put up before lol. Like I stared at that pic for like 10 secs and cudnt see a resemblance lol

  2. Lol..Miss Natural it was me ooo!! Don't you ever have one of those days when you are just not in the mood for make-up, clothes that fit or the wahala of looking FAB!!

    I get quite a lot of those days..LOL

  3. Those glasses are the business who are they by?

  4. Hey Teefah, they are a plastic pair with no designer label (or any label at all) on them!! Probably not expensive was a gift!!

  5. Tari, please where did you get that book 'The Shack"...been looking for it

  6. Hi Seun, you can get it from Bookworm...its in the Sweet Sensation Complex on Adeola Odeku, VI.

  7. Hey Tari,i really like ur blog. just stumbled upon it and i've been hooked ever since. where do u get ur hair done by d way. it luks nice.