Monday, July 19, 2010

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Issue on Ground: Just wondering..
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I had quite an interesting experience tonight.

I went into an infamous Lounge Bar tonight with my girlfriends. My girls were really excited to go there..I kinda caught their bug and so we all went.

From way before I even got there, I had been asking myself the question, "What the helcks are u goin to do in there, Ta-ri-ereeeee?!!"

But I just chinned that voice and as usual (not so much lately sha) did exactly what I WANTED to do!!

Enter the Lounge Bar...two guys who are about the only people there, enduring the agony of the extremely LOUD music blasting from the disproportionate sound systems, are distracted from the bucket of Champagne they'd been nursing.

"Alas..the Entertainment have arrived"..I could almost hear the smile in their their heads.

Assumptionist Tari abi?! Well, barely 7mins after, I was proven right.

Sent the Waitress over to tell us to join them, clincher being the bottles of Champagne they were offering.

My Super Fronter friend handled the Negotiation, and soon, one of them came over by himself to bargain.

They were soon grabbing extra chairs and joining our table. Surprisingly, one of them took the seat beside me..just when I thought I was invisible, all huddled up in my pashmina and bored expression.

The other parked himself beside my Super Pretty friend.

So Dude beside me revealed that he was visiting from out of town and was being shown around by his brother, who is an 'Executive' with...(one of the largest Oil companies in Nigeria)

With the proud way he said that, it was clear he expected a response from me. If only he knew that one of the thoughts I had just had was "So you're not even the Alpha Male".

The Alpha Male is confident in who he is and so doesn't feel the need to brag on his Brother's or anyone else's achievement or status, to gain favor.

Instead, I found THIS response escaping from my mouth.."So you're looking for some Pleasure to complete your Business with".

He I laughed with him knowing I HAD him.

Then I couldn't resist adding "..And the moment WE entered, you saw the opportunity you have been desiring, present itself?"

I admire his "I have NO response to that" answer, amidst his convulsive laughter.

I laughed with him again. I appreciate honesty....especially when you can sense that someone isn't buying your B.S.

We eventually had a conversation about Male-Female mindsets toward new people they meet.

For example, to my new friend, a group of young women walking into a Lounge all by themselves...screamed 'AVAILABLE - ACCESSIBLE BOOTY'.

Its amazing how difficult it becomes to see someone beyond that Stereotype, regardless of what she does or say to counter it.

Two MARRIED men out at 11pm without their wives..obviously looking for some action, and NO-ONE bats an eyelid about it.

But FOUR Single young women out to enjoy each other's company, while they spend their HARD-EARNED cash on a bottle of Hennessey and Cokes (although my Super Naughty friend was generously buying tonight), and they are labelled 'AVAILABLE - ACCESSIBLE BOOTY'...there only for perverse Entertainment!!!

Yes, there are young women (I know plenty) who go out with the sole purpose of being the ACTION; but can GUYS be decent enough NOT to assume that every young, Beautiful, Fun-loving woman they meet is to be TOUCHED?!

Thank You, my Father, for bringing me home in safety and without Compromise.

(This Diary entry was written Sunday Night, but was posted Monday Night)

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  1. Hey Tari! You know that saying "you are innocent until proven guilty" right? Well unfortunately that gets thrown out with last night's fish the minute male/female inter-relationship issues get placed on the table and is conveniently replaced with a bowl of "guily until proven innocent."

    The way we men instinctively see all women as "available - assessible booty" until proven otherwise, is the same way you women instinctively see all men as "incorrigible, unrepentant dogs" until proven otherwise.

    But then when all is said and done, it still remains a man's world (there I said it! Crucify me if you want), which means that ultimately it becomes...well...not such a bad thing to be regarded as a dog. The booty unfortunately will always be looked at with disdain.

    It sucks I know, but hey, it is what it is...