Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blond Nigerian Answer To The Race Question?!

Of course my first reaction to the story about the Ihegboro’s, a Nigerian couple in London, England who gave birth to a Blond baby girl was “The woman’s Underground train has finally come out of the tunnel!!”

As in seriously now, how, when and where has it EVER been heard that a Black couple have a White child?!

But after reading the story, it’s actually looking more and more like we have just all witnessed a MIRACLE!!

The baby is not Albino, and the woman claims she hasn’t been creeping around. Her husband seems to believe her, so who am I to suggest otherwise.

Even if she’s been ‘getting it’ from some Caucasian guy, he has to be another level of Superman to completely dominate the child’s DNA and leave absolutely no trace of the mother’s race.

It’s interesting to me because just about 2 days ago, I was wondering within myself how all the different races of Humankind emerged. I was imagining a situation where ancient people like Noah in the Bible had different children who were Caucasian, Asian-looking, Black and even Middle-Eastern, in one family.

If all humanity began from one man, then it means that situations like this Nigerian couple’s were a normal thing in the B.C. days. Where a brown-skinned, sunburned Arabian couple would have produced a slanty-eyed, martial-art playing little boy!!

If not, then what other explanation is there as to how so many different kinds of people could have originated from one person. Or can we argue that everyone initially looked the same but as they migrated to different parts of the earth, transformed into whatever physical dispositions their environments demanded of them?!

What if people back then just accepted whatever came out after labor, no matter how it looked, as a child nonetheless, and then these children when they grew, migrated to different parts of the earth better suited for their Inhabitation, and then formed what we now know as Races?

Whatever it is, the Ihegboro’s ‘Miracle Child’, if all things being equal and the mother wasn’t getting busy on the side, has just shown the world that indeed, all these differences we hold on to so dearly are simply elements of our one Humanness.

Maybe blond haired baby, Nmachi Ihegboro, is God’s answer to the Race question, just like Caster Semanya, the hermaphrodite Athlete, may be His answer to the Gender question. I wonder what His answer to the Gay question would be??!

Again I say, if all things being equal, and there was no mago-mago involved in these extraordinary events!!

I wonder what Question I’m His answer to though?! Hmmnnnnn...


  1. Truly incredible story...baffling too!


  3. All i can say is wow.....and i guess welcome to the first ever blonde full-cast Nigerian.

  4. Tari very very interesting perspective. I shared this with my cousin and we're having a discussion about it now. I will definitely blog about this and link your post, i really thought it was an interesting perspective.