Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Lover Girl VS The Sucker Girl

Lagos – The Land of Opportunity

Indeed. For a Single Girl looking for a relationship in which she can have ALL her needs met.

Now depending on what those needs are, Lagos provides just the right blend of men to satisfy the needs of the very demanding Single Girl.

There are two kinds of Single girls in Lagos (well, more actually, but for the purpose of this blog post) the Lover Girl & the Sucker Girl.

The Lover Girl is defined by the obvious: she believes in love. She might have had her heart broken and barbequed thousands of times, but she’ll still offer the pieces to the next deserving (in her mind) man that comes along.

The Lover Girl never tires of giving of herself, her resources and her heart; she will go to any length for a Man just as long as he is giving her the one thing that she desires – good loving.

The Sucker Girl on the other hand, has one mission and one mission alone: to hoover a Man of everything he’s got. His money, his connections (I hate that word!!), and any other thing that has the capacity to elevate her out of her present reality up unto a more desired level of comfort or achievement.

The Sucker Girl has over time hardened her heart to expecting any love; to her the language of love is chi-ching!!

If you love me you will DRROOOOPPPP for me!! She has no time for long thing.

She doesn’t even bother with any long conversations with a new guy if he doesn’t pass her initial Bling Test. The Sucker Girl always seems to be in full control of what’s going on and would only play the Love Game if it puts her in a better chance of getting more from the Man.

She is very intelligent when it comes to identifying the needs of the man she’s hoovering, and will shoot her Love game up if it’s something she identifies that he needs. That for her is usually quite a hassle as she would have preferred if the guy could just understand the relationship for the Arrangement that it is, rather than expecting her to now listen to his issues, or do any of those Lover things.

The few times she even considers loving, because she has been so brutally judged by all for her Sucking, she is not taken seriously and so she withdraws and hardens her shell, positioning herself for more intense Suckery. She will only love on her own terms and especially with someone who she may even know is Sucking on her.

The Lover Girl doesn’t care too much for money. If it comes with the Love Package, she will enjoy it but it never becomes her primary reason for being in a Relationship. The danger of being a Lover Girl however is that there is no available Insurance to take out on the certainty that your heart will be crushed.

We all know this town is rough, and the Lover Girl knows it too, but still insists in taking chances with her heart. Unlike the Sucker Girl, she is often perceived as weak and helpless and for the most part, feels that way.

Even when she tries to harden up and take rather than give, she finds herself falling back to her old ways because let’s face it, it’s just not who she is.

Either way it’s not easy being a Lover Girl or a Sucker Girl in Lagos. It’s not easy whether you choose to go for the Man OR for the Money.

Both have their own hazards but everyone still survives one way or the other. After all, this is Lagos, Survival is the name of the Game.


  1. So who are you? Lover girl or Sucker girl?

  2. i like being both the lover n sucker gal!

  3. iz agree wv the writer above. be a lover. be a sucker. as the situation warrants.......

  4. @J2: That's on a need to know basis!!

    @Drjay: can you pls elaborate on 'the situation'..

  5. I was a bit of a lover and more of a SUCKER; sometimes you have to ignore somethings...

  6. infact, i'm the sucker girl tari was talking about here. lol.