Thursday, June 3, 2010

TARIERE Member of the Week: Nk'iru. Njoku

One of the greatest dis-services you can ever do to yourself is to ask a writer to tell you a little about themselves.

I did that to myself, and this writer, Nk'iru. Njoku, wrote me an entire book!! So I’m simply going to take a few extracts from her novel (written specially for me) and share with you...

• I’m a be-spectacled, dreadloc’d, Writer-Director, who is currently working as one of the 4 Directors of Project Fame West Africa.

Nk'iru. Njoku

• I did some acting on a TV soap for about four years where I played the bitchy wife of an old man who was sleeping with his son, (the wife that is)!

• I write poetry as well… I dated a guy who thoroughly hated the idea of me writing, especially poetry. He used to say “who will ever pay you for all this nonsense?” Ouch! But guess who’s laughing now? Lol....

• I never liked the nine to five. Was told I’d die wretched but thankfully I graduated at 20 so I had enough time to find myself; lose myself, and find myself again. The past five years has proved the naysayers wrong...thank God!

• I’m an internet addict; even learnt how to play the guitar on the internet… my guitar is called Maximillan (Max for short) and in fact, I haven’t played him in a month cos I’m growing my nails. My boyfriend is in town soon and he’s quite the confused bloke. Loves the nails, and loves the guitar-playing but they don’t work together so I’ve asked him to choose one. (As if his choice matters! Tehe!)

• I recently broke up with my favorite pair of sneakers.

Nk'iru.'s Ex

• My personality is pretend-extrovert but actual-introvert.

• I live a very safe life; will never bungee-jump, ride a cable-car or go snorkeling. But hey, who knows. I love to visit new places, but I hate the actual process…. But hey, as at last year, my craziest deed was climbing the Michael Opara monument in Enugu with the coercion of wicked friends.

• I don’t match my colors, I’m not the dress-wearing chic, I haven’t combed my hair in seven years, I have very strong opinions (much to my mother’s despair), I’ve struggled to conquer my un-flat tummy since I was six, my grandma thinks I’m expired for marriage because I’m thirty and my eggs are all probably shriveled up.

Oh yeah and she's also TuFace's No 1 Stalker..

• I am a spiritual person. Haven’t been to church in a long time, but I love God and I enjoy spending time with Him in the quietness of my spirit.

• My dad (God rest his soul) was diagnosed with diabetes when I was eight, so I kinda developed a hatred for anything sugary. But not Coke. I love Coke, and only just broke the addiction in February for weight reasons. I’m working on developing a new brand of cola that has zero calories, looks and tastes like water, but tastes like Coke only in the mind! Hahahahaha.


• By and large, I love life and even with all my hang-ups, I enjoy it as much as I can. I break my own rules and make some new ones, and most importantly, regardless of what life throws at me...I live and love, and trust in God.

Like I stated earlier, NEVER and I mean absolutely never, ask a Writer, especially a damned good one, to write you a little about herself!!

Just a word of advice from your dear friend, Tariere. Love you.

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