Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Addicts Anonymous

Had a great time this evening (now yesterday) with Yvonne and Jecinta!!

The evening began with me scaring them to bits at Yvonne’s by pouncing on them like a masquerade after a silent entry. They were still screaming looonnggg after they knew it was me!! LMAO..Gosh, I love people’s natural responses to situations...its mad fun to watch!!


After that, we went to Fusion on Awolowo Road, where I watched them literally fall maga to all the, I must admit, EXCELLENT Sales pitches from the Super Stylish Korede Roberts.

The guy knows his Luxury abeg!! I couldn’t take my eyes off his shoes the entire time we were those shoes were SICK!!!

The only thing that saved me from falling into MagaStream like my friends, was the fact that I’ve decided to stop Impulse Buying, otherwise I would have wanted every single pair of Linda Farrow sunglasses, the MAAADDD blaaaccckkk skinny jeans, white jeans, then probably ALL the belts for sale!! Then maybe also the very preppy, sexy jacket for a guy friend.

So seeing that me anywhere near those things was bad for my SAVE MORE Plan, I just shrunk into a corner as far away from the racks and closets as possible.

Yvonne wearing VONNE

From there we went to the place we call our ‘Beer Parlour’, Bungalows for a few drinks. That was crazy fun in spite of the fact that we had our drinks and made all our noise in front of a young Church Fellowship who had chosen Bungalows for their dinner meeting.

We, the heathen, didn’t spend too much time worrying about that and had us a FUN, FUN evening, spiced with lots of glances from the Church folks!!

I teased Yvonne and Jecinta that we should take the bottle of Magnum Hennessey on display home and do Justice to it. Jecinta responded saying that the Hennessey would instead do Justice to us by bringing out koboko and flogging us well well!!

I couldn’t stop laughing as images of a bottle of Henny wearing glasses and holding a koboko to flog us with invaded my mind!

Back at Fusion, Korede said something that stuck in my head after I accused him of wanting to get high on his own Luxury supply..”Everyone’s gotta have something they’re addicted to now.”

Alright, I know I can’t get enough of funky sunglasses, vintage purses, and sometimes also, Attention. So tell me What’s Your Addiction?!

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  1. Am addicted to addiction! I always have something at some point in my life I can't do without. The new addition last for about 3 weeks until it becomes