Thursday, June 24, 2010

Current Location: My bed!!

Issue on Ground: NOTHINGGG!!! I'm at PEAACCEEE!!!!!!!

Yes I am. Its been a beautiful day(yesterday)! Remember my theme for the day was 'CELEBRATION'?! Well, God definitely had a reason for making me embrace that as my theme, cos there has been sooo much to Celebrate in just one day!!

First of all, I must have written like 3 articles today!! There is something soo liberating about expressing myself through my those moments when I'm constructing a story and then expressing through whatever form I'm inspired to, its like I'm in my own Eden, cos I'm completely unaware of anythin but what's coming from within me.

The only thing that distracts me these days is this BB creature!!

I had a delightful time at Bible Study today (yesterday). I really enjoy it cos we're so few, and its interactive, with everyone havin the opportunity to express themselves freely about whatever issues we draw out of the Bible passages we share.

I asked a question, and was given the most profound, yet liberating (I know iv used that word twice in this post, but understand) answer about accepting death as a natural process in Life's Evolution.

I shared it with Toni Tones and we talked excitedly for almost an hour about it!! Ill share it with you on the blog soon.

Yaaayyyy!!! I had a fabulous day..the new one is already begun in great strides!!

I love You, Father. I keep telling You that You make every moment brand new..pls don't get tired of me saying it again...

You make every moment brand new. *gigantic smile, hugs & kisses*

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  1. Amen!! i know those moments, although long past the memory is so uplifting. I feel that way every Sunday, lol I sound like a sunday sunday christian, but no, the spiritual high I get from fellowship is sooo awesome!