Thursday, June 24, 2010

Current Location: Bathtub in far away Abuujaa!!
Issue on Ground: Being a CopyCat

Yeah, I'm feeling every inch like the Rev. Run himself right now, as I lie in this tub bloggin.

Only difference is I'm being extra careful so my BB doesn't fall into the water..iv even practised catchin it with my chest..note the use of the word 'chest' and not 'breasts'. For some of us, what we have is a slightly raised platform on our chest..unlike others that can boast of having 'breasts' and even jig it in your face just in case you missed the boast.

I wonder if I can ever get a Breast Implants...hmmnnn..the question is, do I want bigger breasts?!

Is there anything wrong with my breasts the way they are?! I guess it has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages being the ability to get away with wearing almost anything..and also not having to cause one of those cartoon-like traffic accidents when running.

Big breasts on the other hand, as far as I'm concerned, are just too-gbasky!! Depending on the shape, volume and swag of the Bearer, they can be such a breastly blessing!! However, I can only imagine what its like having breasts that introduce themselves to people before you even get a chance to introduce yourself.

Alright hold did we get talking about breasts again?! I know I started out with Rev Run..what to he and breasts have in common?!

Maybe I should name this post 'The Adventures of Run and the Breast' OR 'The Breast Chronicles According to Rev. Run'...hmmnn I kinda like that one!!

It sounds too good, they might even steal it from me. Anuway, remember where you heard it first..

I guess ill just continue to lie here and hope my 'raised platforms' catch my phone if it decides to take a dive.

So there you have it, another advantage of Small Breasts...they also double-up as LifeGuards!!


  1. LMAO at raised platforms and life guards. funniest thing i have read this very day so far. hope disaster was averted.

  2. I'd rather small and perky than big and sagging. I love me my B-cups :-)

  3. lol i laughed when I read this...because I could sooo relate. It spoke to me, but like you said or implied, you work with what you've got. and then you stop noticing you lack it. Hilarious write up.