Friday, June 25, 2010

Current Location: Salon...Abuja

Issue On Ground: Acting Bitchy!!!

Solution: I honestly don't care!!

I started acting BITCHY from the moment I walked into this Salon. I'm very obsessive about Comfort and Value for Money, so from the point I walked in and saw tons of people cramped into a tiny space, with hardly any room for me to throw my legs on a side chair, in my natural Salon Posture, the resident Bitch in me delightfully raised her dashing head!!

The problem right now is that my Resident Bitch, inconsiderate and Diva-ish as she is, can hardly find anything to bitch about!

The good-naturedness of the Salon Owner and her staff is like cold water poured on her sparks. They are so funny, kind and team-spirited, and have met my need for Comfort through their ATTITUDE rather than the 'tooshness' of their place.

In fact maybe a little too comfy...the guy blow-drying my hair has had his crotch against my arm for the duration of this blow-dry!!

Now how do we address this? One, he might be a FREAK who is doing it on purpose. Two, he may just be sooo into his work and I'm the freak whose distance from the opposite sex is causing her to notice that the Dudue's crotch is on my arm!! to be silent or to speak up?! need..the arm and the crotch have parted ways!!

My hair's looking good though! Still I miss Lagos..they DO me right!! And I am talking about my hair!!

For some very weird reason, I just felt a strong desire to be married right now!!

Its all this testeterone (I'm soooo sure this is not the spelling..but you get my drift) causing it..Men are quite the ish aren't they?!


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  1. lol your inner bitch is a really nice bitch behind all that lol...its sensible. lol the crotch plus the arm must have been quite uncomfortable...the marriage ish *singing on key lol, you are not aloooooneeeeeeee lol'.