Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Current Location: Lying on Couch in Office
Issue on Ground: Fear - Vulnerability
Current Solution: .....

Alright lemme just say it..I've been feeling extremely vulnerable since my last post!! I read it soon after I posted it and realised how exposed I. Was in it. So I've been feelin weird since yesterday.

A lot of people think I'm Strong for being able to come on the blog and talk about myself, and the things I have to deal with, little do they know how I feel after I do that. Sometimes, if I could have my way, I'd yank every single one of those posts in which I reveal myself down, and erase the memories of everyone who may have seen them.

I shiver in fear sometimes when I feel like my entire life is out there for everyone to judge and assess, whether they understand what I'm talking about or not. At those times though, I feel God's prescence like never before and He assures me that even if I'm naked before the entire world, He'll cover me and make sure I wouldn't get hurt in any way.

He has done the same for me this morning..after I woke up feeling all alone and vulnerable. He has re-assured me of His commitment to love me in spite of me and now I rest in the comfort of knowing that.

Sometimes I wish I was a much better person who is able to rise above fear, need for attention and all my other vices, but I realise that the greatest injustice I can do to myself is berate myself for being at the stage in the journey that I am.

Yes, that's what my life is...a Journey. I've come a very looonngg way and I choose to instead celebrate that.

So today, that is the theme I embrace 'CELEBRATION'!!! Thank You, Father..Your encouragement and patience in making me see who I am as You see me, rather than what my limited vision sees, is what empowers me each new day, to be ME.

Thank You and Lord, you and I know that I would need more encouragement from You today...


  1. We all have those moments in kind, when for a variety of reasons we feel exposed and vulnerable. In your case i'd say there are probably a lot of silent readers who love your blog, I love it too...and a glimpse into your life well, is among other things proof that we are all human and beautiful in our imperfections. Soooo long story cut short, TG this was temporary and keep on writing!

  2. Gurl got the same feeling just afew days ago after updating my blog...sheez does it ever end???