Monday, June 21, 2010

Cakes & Desserts Exhibition

On Sunday 20th June, Fawziah Dejonwo laid out a fantastic Exhibition of cakes and desserts from her Bake House Bakery, at Robert's Cafe in Victoria Island.

Fawziah Dejonwo

I was truly impressed by her Cake designs...

Even those on my plate were sexy..

Good peoples came out to support her...

Funke Babs-Kufeji

Lara Rawa

Yvonne, Mary, Alima, Precious

Tariere was soon ready to grab her Chanel bag and run out the door..

..Only it might just have melted on the way!!


  1. I love cake baking and I concur, those were some sexy cakes! lol I actually believed you about the bag till I saw the pic. haha. yeah right :)

  2. OMG!! These cakes and desserts exhibition ideas are so stunning. I really loved each and every cake here. Have to arrange my sister’s birthday at one of local Venues in San Francisco. Going to have a lovely and 5 flavoured cake for the party. She will love it.