Monday, June 21, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)


The Bestie came over; we watched some mindless TV, stuffed ourselves till she couldn't move anymore, and then said our good-byes!!


Began the day by going to watch Lande perform in school..It was the Funniest thing ever!!

What a day!! Spent Friday evening with family..just being together, comforting each other and at Peace. My family has just been through a very difficult period, Friday was the climax, yet also a day worth celebrating.

I'm not quite ready to talk about the experience yet, but eventually, I'll share it with you.

I got back home and went into my bedroom with Lande (my niece..she was spending the night with me) and we discovered a SCAANNDAALL!!

Someone had stripped Mr Timbuktu of ALL his clothes...

I quickly held him tight and checked for any signs of molestation on his body! He wasn't saying much, I hope he isn't too traumatised by whatever happened..Lande has some suspects in mind though!

I think I may have to tighten the security around him..


Crawled out of bed to go to the Studio and get some work done. Then came back and had some left-over Chinese..

Had a lazy day..ended up at Toni Tones' later that evening.

It must have been either the classic bottle of Red Wine, the suya or the feeling of comfort when you're with someone you trust, but something made me pass out while she was telling me was 5am when I finally opened my eyes!!


Began my Sunday morning ritual, as usual, by listening to Inspiration FM, while I got ready to go to church.

After Church, I had to swim through some major rivers the heavy rains had brought!

Lekki Phase 1

Poor Gigi, she was soooo strong, and took me through every river we had to cross!! Gigi's a good girl..I'm gonna treat her to a session at the Spa.

Oh, Gigi is my car by the way!!

Then a certain Damsel-in-Distress called, and I had to go rescue her!

Was excited about seeing me & Toni's work in 234Next's ELAN!!

Later went for a Cake & Desserts Exhibition at Robert's Cafe..

Then stumbled upon a certain Lion's Den *smile*

Panicked a little after I got back home..Mr Timboks was nowhere to be found!!!!

Finally found him...

We were soon running toward each other in slow motion, Indian-movie style...