Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simplicity - The New Sexy

I met a very simple, beautiful girl this morning.

It was actually by chance we met; I was driving out of my Estate and she was standing at the gate waiting for a cab. I saw her, had already gone way past and then just impulsively reversed and asked where she was going.

She was going to the High Court and was already quite late, so I offered to go drop her there.

In the less than 20minutes it took to get from the Estate to the Court, we chatted all through, and I practically already know her entire life.

She is such a simple person. I know I’ve said this over and over again, but that is something that I’m very attracted to – Simplicity.

Coming from the world I am used to in this mad Lagos, the once in a while that I encounter very normal, ordinary people, it’s almost for me as if they’ve come from another planet.

Noticing her huge diamond engagement ring, I asked about that and she gave me the lowdown on her upcoming Marriage. As in this babe and her fiancĂ© actually met on the Internet!! Hi-5 to be precise. They began dating and for 7 months, didn’t see each other at all!!

They’ve never lived together; and I suspect probably never even shagged! I was gonna ask her about that but I just thought to leave it for now.

People like her inspire me abeg!! There is just a certain purity about her, her relationship and the simplicity she exudes.

The babe has lived in Lagos for less than a year and she was still asking me about the Nightlife in Lagos, that she hears it’s very vibrant! As in I’ve never heard that kind of statement in my life before!! A young, good-looking girl about my age and she’s so unaware about the craziness that surrounds her?!

I think I need a Life Change. So all my crazy, mental friends please you guys should leave me alone!! Kem-kem, Yvonne, Juwon (Okpokiroro) and all you people that won’t let me be NORMAL!!

Juwon Ogundipe

From now I want to be Simple and asking questions like “You actually go out late at night? And drink??!”

But where would I wear all my fabulous clothes to?! Ok I think I might have to postpone Simplicity just a little bit longer...


  1. HAHAHA!!! Very funny!
    And sorry to pour sand-sand in your garri, but there's something wrong with that babe o! Its either she's a mammy water or she ran away from an asylum! how do u meet someone on HI-5 not even Facebook and marry them??!! Ah Neverr!! Give her a month, lagos would hold her!

  2. lol @ you think you need a life change. smh @ anonymous (funny comment)

  3. Nk'iru. NjokuMay 26, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    Tari; when ure ready, come to me for lessons in simplicity. I'll teach u how to wear a pair of sneakers forever. Lol! Meanwhile...nice job ure doing here. I read ur stuff all the time and I like!

  4. N'KIRUUU!!! Wassap girl!! Oh're the Queen of Simplicity, no-one can contest that.

    Thanks darling, means a lot!