Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TARIERE Member of the Week: Kemi Alaiyemola

Kemi Alaiyemola is the brain behind Kemi’s Souffle, the fastest selling and most popular errr….’toning’ cream here in Lagos.

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Miss Alaiyemola

Kem-kem, as she is fondly called by all her friends, haters and admirers, is passionate about Skin Care and will go to any length to ensure that all her customers get exactly what they come to her for – Beautiful, flawless Skin.

She is crazy, crazy, crazy, and fun to be around, even though often misunderstood by a lot of people. Kem-kem is also generous and kind-hearted almost to a fault.

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Oh yeah, and she has just revealed to the world that she has a twin...

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Kemi's Twin


  1. "Souffle sounds like food. yum yum

  2. HAAAA!!! Don't want to find out what happens to you when you eat THIS souffle!! may just bleach your stomach sha!!

  3. Hey Tari, where can i get Kem Kem's contact. i need to tone my skin a shade lighter. thanks girl