Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why NASA urgently needs to come to Nigeria!!

A team of NASA Scientists are crazily excited right now about a discovery they made of a shrimp and jellyfish living below 600feet of Antartic ice in West Antartica. (click title link for full story)

Their excitement is because they had believed before now that higher life forms such as these could not survive, much less thrive in such harsh and hostile conditions.

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They have so many questions about how these creatures have been able to feed and just generally live in that environment.

I’m no hotshot Scientist, in fact I always cut all my Biology lessons in School, but I have the answer: by the same principles that work operate here in Nigeria.

If NASA wants to really understand how that shrimp and jellyfish were able to thrive in the most impossible situations, they’d need to send those video cameras of theirs and maybe tons of their experts down to Naija to study the rarest specie of all mankind – The Nigerian.

So it a’int Rocket Science NASA; I bet you guys that if you dissect those creatures well and do a thorough DNA examination, you’d discover that their names are probably Chukwudi and Okundili!!

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