Monday, March 15, 2010

Say My Name

I still can’t get over the fact that the name of my sister’s new driver is ‘ThankGod’!!

I almost fell on the floor in laughter hearing her scream his name yesterday. As in seriously, imagine having a really, really bad day, one of those ones in which you feel like heaven is carrying out a personal vendetta against you and you don’t even want to hear about God much less talk to Him. Then your driver puts the icing on the cake by almost running a pedestrian over; almost involuntarily, you’d scream, ‘THANK GOD!!!’

Every name represents something, probably even those seemingly meaningless American ones like ‘Dick’, ‘Bo’ or ‘Bubba’.

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My name for example, ‘Tariere’, means ‘Beloved One’. So for every time someone mentions my name, they are affirming me as beloved whether they like me or can’t stand my guts. Even the short version ‘Tari’ means ‘Love’.

No-one can really be separated from his/her name, as the name carries with it certain attributes that one way or the other, defines the owner.

So this week, I have no doubts as to whose name I’m going to be calling whether I have anything to say to him or not. Yeah you guessed right……’THANK GOD!!!!’

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  1. You know we love to express our love for God through our names. If you do a Direct translation of some Yoruba names to English...Its Longer and Funnier than Thank God

  2. yeah I agree! i have become really interested in especially Yoruba names, they are soooo rich in meaning!!