Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wedding Blues

I'm not really a fan of weddings, but I couldn't miss my friend, Enitan Akingbade's, wedding for the world!!

Not just because we've been breaking rules together since Queens' College, but also because after being already married with 2 kids to her husband, they decided to come back to Lagos and do it in the proper Yoruba owambe way!!

So we did the Hen Night and all (which was mad fun!!) and also the wedding. Here are some picturesfrom the wedding...

Enitan & Tokunbo Akingbade

..put a ROCK on it meehhhnnnnn... where do I start from..

Moi, Enitan & Seun Opaleye

1 comment:

  1. Only one word can describe this pics!Hot!
    Now i normally am not a fan of Owambes but in this case, i'll make an exception in that the couple have already married and had kids so it is apparent to both parties that YES THEY CAN.
    What i do not like is where the families spend an unwholesome sum of money(forgive the alliteration)on an Owambe wedding(ASO_EBI INCLUSIVE< SUNNY ADE FEES)and two years later., the couple are at each other's throats in court with allegations of who did what to whom!

    Congratulations to the couple... May them have a blissful life together IJN, i pray. Amin!