Friday, July 17, 2009

24 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Friend

Screw the Hermes Birkin, Jimmy Choos, all designer clothes and all forms of glamourous hair!! A girls's greatest asset is a friend.

I have 24 reasons, based on some of my own experiences, why you can't do without a true friend.

I know it's hard these days to determine who a friend is, but these acts, which I believe are some of the marks of a true friend, should help you determine if you yourself are one.

1. A friend keeps quiet and nods understandingly, for as long as it takes to listen to you make excuses for that guy who is clearly just not that into you.

2. A friend protects your hair, real or fake, from hanging into the toilet bowl as you puke drunkenly into it.
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3. A friend comes into the toilet of the club with you and assists you as you jumpily try to attend to your period emergency, while some pressed and pissed females pound on the door.

4. A friend foregoes her sexiness and wears that hideous brides maid dress for your wedding.

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5. A friend will strive to love whomever you love even though the person is a re-incarnation of Frankenstein or worse. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

6. A friend will look out for even the most inconsequential of your needs when you’re broke to protect you from feeling burdened or even slightly uncomfortable.

7. A friend will still ask you for advice even though you only recently stopped believing gizzards were little bird-like creatures of their own.

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8. A friend will strip to fight off the wretch who tries to take advantage of you during a drunken night out.

9. A friend’s fabulousity is incomplete unless you’re right beside her looking equally or even more fabulous. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

10. A friend will back up the alibi you’ve cooked up for your man, then scold you severely about the silly games you’re playing.

11. A friend remembers who you are when you forget.

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12. A friend still thinks you’re cool even after you’ve shown her pictures of your extracted anus when you have jedi-jedi (pile). Image and video hosting by TinyPic

13. A friend honestly tells you if your work is crap or absolutely brilliant, then helps you identify opportunities for growth.
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14. A friend pours herself out for a cause you believe in.

15. A friend tries to understand your situation even though she has a personal bias against the issue.
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16. A friend doesn’t give room for people to speak negatively about you around her; not even when she 'plans' to come back and tell you.

17. A single friend who just has to be the Second Coming, will meet a dream guy and immediately think he’s perfect for you. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

18. A friend will love you when you forget to love yourself.

19. A friend gets more excited than you about that new possession you’ve just acquired. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

20. A friend listens to you bitch and whine about the same issue for the umpteenth time even when you just woke her up from sleep.

21. A friend doesn’t judge you or laugh when you show her your tummy: un-tucked in.

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22. A friend will wash your dirty linen privately and not say anything to boast about it.

23. A friend will guide you down the stairs of the club, even in her own tipsiness, because she just can’t afford to let you fall.

24. A friend will cease to exist to herself because of how much she places your interests ahead of her own.

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Seun Opaleye, you are my friend and I’m blessed because of this.
You are the breaks in my Ferrari; for a Ferrari is built to be fast, not to be crashed.
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  1. i know seun and she is a darling! i wish i got to know her more....