Sunday, July 19, 2009

I've found Out what makes Weird MC....WEIRD!!

I want to say a big ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to Weird MC who celebrated her birthday at Nu Grotto this weekend.

She’s such a cool person and I know that even though I'd never met her before. I was by chance at Nu Grotto for drinks with a friend and it so happened that her party was there. So I crashed the party, technically.

It was full paparazzi outside with celebrities like OD, Ill, Zeal, Mode 9, Terry Tha Rapman and others were giving interviews on the red carpet.

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The first person I saw when I walked in was Tosyn Bucknor the official Rockafella of the century, entertaining everyone on the dance floor with her militant steps. I really wish I had a camera with me so I could take pictures to show you. Anyway next time.

I was sitting in a little private lounge on the side where Kenny, D1, ID, Alariwo of Africa, Funke Kuti, Goldie, Amaechi Obi, and other very important industry people were being the Bigks Boyz and Girls, was fun watching them.

I really hate it when bouncers at clubs don’t do their research and know who certain people are before they try to bounce them from entering VIP. Or then again, if you are someone in the industry, and are still being bounced from entering VIP, you really should start considering a major career move.

So there I was sitting down and sipping on my Vodka mixed with Sprite and Red Bull, when Weird MC walks in and goes over to greet the celebrities who were there. You wouldn’t believe what happened next….she actually came over to my table to say hello to me!!

I was so touched because I’m a freaking nobody and she’s this huge music superstar. She sees me, doesn’t know me from Adam, and actually walks over to greet me!!
That’s like so freaking amazing, and one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen anyone do.

Coming from a society in which most people want to appear important and believes everyone should kiss their asses, such an action is truly the mark of someone who is...weird!!

There is a world of difference between a celebrity and a star. A star is defined by the positive impact made on the lives of everyday people.

Sola Idowu aka Weird MC is indeed a star.

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P.S: Do you know any stars? I'd love for you to tell me about them..


  1. I know her star, her name is Tari Ekiyor x

  2. Nobody wetin......You are TARI, The One and Only :-), Your work is superb and it keeps getting better. I will buy the first copy of your book :-)

  3. It's weird that two of my stars would be the first to comment on this post.
    Love you guys!!

  4. interesting post.
    true talk about the bouncers not being properly school, i mean i should be shoved into the vip lounges with no second thoughts, cos well i'm a star in my own rights:)