Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's that Girl with the Annoying Voice again!!

I have heard a lot of people talk recently about how annoyingly shrill Tosyn Bucknor’s voice is on the radio. In fact I have seen someone cringe irritably during an event that she was anchoring.
I don’t blame them, because Tosyn’s voice is indeed very high-pitched!!

As is everything else about her.

Her heart, her passion, her compassion, her zeal, her strength, her talent, her determination, her presence, her dress sense, there is nothing about Tosyn Bucknor that is either low-pitched or ordinary.

Her very life is an affront to Modern Science. By the sheer force of her passion, she rises everyday and grips the unsuspecting world with the justice of her cause and yes, her piercing voice, that arrests your attention whether you like it or not.

It is said that the greatest thing the devil ever did, was convince the world that he didn’t exist. Well, Tosyn Bucknor has got you fooled if you for one moment believe that her tiny frame, annoying voice, or even the composition of her genes, makes her anything less than who she truly is.

Whether as a writer, singer or media personality, what lies at the heart of this phenomenon called Tosyn Bucknor, is a heart that truly cares.

Her foundation, These Genes, is a sickle cell project that seeks to get young people living with the sickle cell genes to understand the physical and psychological implications of the often misunderstood disorder. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By creating forums where these young people can get together and talk about their experiences living with it, Tosyn is giving them opportunity to live normal and fulfilled lives regardless of the sickle cell genes in them.

Her own childhood was spent mostly indoors because of her fledgling health, but that didn’t deter Tosyn. What better inspiration can the kids that benefit from her foundation have?
She relentlessly champions this cause, as well as entertaining and empowering thousands of young Nigerians daily, both through the media and her S.H.A.R.E network, bringing in her own way, relief to a pain-filled world.

Tosyn Bucknor is a light. Darkness is weary of being defeated by her.

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AREA MAMAAAAA!!!!! I salute you.

Tosyn hosts the Top of the Morning show on Top Radio 90.9 from 6am-11am on week days.
Her blog is

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