Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TARIERE Member of the Week: Feyipitan Ojomo-Meraiyebu

Feyipitan Ojomo-Meraiyebu is a Lagos based Legal Practitioner by day and bar-hopping Rock Star by night.

He is one of the very few and highly in demand practitioners of Entertainment Law in Nigeria!! I just might be calling him up soon myself..Feyi please I hope that by this beautiful feature I’ve done on you, I’ll get some billable hours FREE!!!

He also practices Civil/Criminal Litigation and Immigration Law amongst others.

His interests include:

Dancing, reading, watching old movies and crying to the romantic ones, and also taking long walks under the scorching Lagos sun to maybe...clear his head?!!

The meaning of his name ‘Feyipitan’ is ‘use this to tell a story’, and right from the moment he came out screaming at St. Nicholas Hospital, his life has been a story of extreme Nollywood proportions. Beginning from the time of his birth during which his mother had malaria and had to be confined in a hospital ward along with his Dad and get this..their Best Man!!

Not also forgetting the fact that his foray into Law Practice also happened to be in the same St. Nicholas Building!!

Don’t be surprised if you go to St. Nicholas and they actually have a wing, parking space, or Hospital gourmet cooking (eeww!!) named after Feyipitan!!

Note that I was also born at St. Nicholas!! So Feyi, you see more reason why I should get those hours free?!!

Feyipitan’s brilliant mind came up with some tips on how I can excel at my new chosen profession: Serial Dating!! Here they are:

1. It’s all about YOU.

2. Always lay the ground rules early on (that is for repeat serial dates)

3. Never lead a guy on when you know nothing for him.

4. Appearances can be deceptive

5. Never go to the same place twice with a serial date (except you want him to stay the whole nine yards) or go to a place with another date that you have been to with a serial date.

6. Always maintain decorum with a serial date (always be formal and kind of stand- offish in a polite manner)

7. If you really want to enjoy serial dating, then always be prepared to go dutch (that way, it won’t be said that you chop and ran away).

The true lawyer that he is, he capped all his generous tips with this Disclaimer:

‘P.S. If you run foul of any of the above, OYO (On-your-Own) is your name!’


  1. Which kain picture be this o? this guy go like food no be small!

    1. I sure say the guy no fat sef

    2. THE GUY NO FIT FAT...

  2. hmmm...Both of u have some answering to do ?
    Bro, How come she knws so much ? To the extent that mummy had malaria (was not aware...I'm your younger bro explains more but was Tariere the Nurse in charge on March....