Monday, April 26, 2010

Pet Names

I spent Saturday with Yvonne and her hyper-active doggy, Gaston. Well, I call him Gasti-lo-lo, even though Yvonne might just stop speaking to me on account of that!!


He actually answers me excitedly when I call him Gasti-lo-lo so I dunno what her problem is.

I highly suspect that dog to be on speed, sugar or some other kind of upper!! It’s a little too happy and excited for its own good...and check out the glint in those eyes!! He humps around, chews on shoes, slippers and even Vogue; also a little too eager to chip in to Terror Squad gist sessions.

Yeah and he checks out girls underwear (or lack of it) too!!

I haven’t had that much experience with pets, except the time when my sister, Ton  was practically breeding cats in the house. It started with one, the Queen mother of them all, whom she aptly named Pussy Nemebere.

Pussy (the word is only liberating when made in reference to cats) gave birth to the first squad, whom she afflicted with the names: Big Boy, Fatty, Becksinin (after a very skinny cousin’s nick-name) and wait for this, Different-Legs-Of-Socks!!

Different-Legs, as she was fondly called by everyone, was the most beautiful kitten and eventually cat, there ever was….and yes, all her four legs were a different color and pattern each, hence the name, Different-Legs-of-Socks.

The biggest problem with Different-Legs was that she knew she was a Knockout, so the diva behavior was legendary!! She could sit mid-stair, or block a passageway, and when anyone approached, would maintain her position, making you navigate your own path around her.

Anyway, Ton soon grew out of her cat phase, or rather, forced out of it, after a family gang conspiracy to abduct all of them and go drop them somewhere far away from the house, but safe.

So she never saw her cats again, and when she eventually did, they either had no clue who she was, or were too determined to maintain their newfound Independence, as they bolted far out of her reach.


  1. OMG!!
    I'm about to dig a hole and bury myself! why?? why would you do this to me?? and I thought the cats left because they grew up!thats what you told me :( i'm confused

    PS: love Yvonne's pooch

  2. Haha! "different legs of socks" Tonbara, I was always suspected that u were slightly disturbed...confirmed!!

  3. @Anonymous: She has issues oooooo!! Don't let that sweet face deceive you!! LOL

    @Tonbizzle: Why would they grow up and run away to hustle the streets when you were busy spoiling them and turning them into Divas??!!

    Gasti-lo-lo is beautiful abi??!!

  4. Gasti-lo-lo, and i'm the one with the problems? i'm not sure who hates you more right now, me or Yvonne. Don't know if I can find it in my heart to forgive you for this.

    @anon: at least 'different legs of socks' is an original name. You couldn't come up with something other than Anonymous?? huh?

  5. LMAO!!!..Tonbara is truly as random as they come!! i remember bac in the day when she told us about it!!..this is the funniest thing i av hrd today!!.."different legs of socks"..lmao

  6. Lol @ Fiyin..there's your friend for you!!