Monday, April 26, 2010


Confirmed!! I went to the house my friend lives when he’s in Lagos, and met his Mother. She says she’s been receiving calls and messages from other people who got the mail.

I even spoke to him!! He is in Los Angeles, where he lives and has not been to the UK for 10years!! They hacked into his mailbox and sent the message to everyone!!

Those people are MAAADDDD!!! So it’s my 1k they wanted to take abi??!!

Seriously guys, I need you to summon your inner Scammist so we can play them at their own game!! Right now, they believe I’m meat so we can play along and maybe get them caught or just make them reaaaaalllly suffer!!

So...ideas anyone??!!

The case is now in the hands of the London Police and Microsoft who are carrying out a thorough investigation.


  1. LOL, totally a scam. I have recieved a few messages from random people i've worked with in the past. I thing you should play along and tell him you are in London and can meet up with him.

  2. thank your stars you had the incline to not only call his number but also visit his house.
    My father was not that lucky when he got such a message... he immediately sent the $700 he was asked to pay tinkin he ws helpin his friend.

    We all have to be security conscious an not take anything for granted.

    I personally detest using a public cafe to check my mails as that is the easiest way to hack into ur box and retrieve all ur personal info.

    i must say lucky u...

  3. Playin along could be just as dangerous... these guys are pretty fetish... Who know wht they might do next...

    Better safe than sorry

  4. Visit for tips on how to scam a scammer! they have been doing it for a while now and they are quite good at it!

  5. I told ya. Just be careful.

  6. @ Tolulope: I can only imagine how pained your Dad must have felt after that!!

    As in these people are just crazy...I'm gonna check out or just send them a mail telling them exactly what I think of them!! Rubbish!!

  7. May thunder fire those people!

  8. Am all for playing along with them. Tell them you have a better option, your friend is in the UK and can get the money across to him but he/them will need to send your friend thier number and £20 T Mobile credit via your email so your friend can get the money across to them.

    When they read that, they will obviously know you are unto them.

  9. Na ogun go hammer this guys o.....thats how they got away with 10,000 from my account.. annoyingly, na credit them use am buy online. how they did that i have no idea, worst still the bank couldn't do shit about it! thank God i didn't have more than that in that account at the time!,
    i say play along and get the t mobile credit like the previous person said.....but i really doubt they would bulge!