Thursday, March 18, 2010

One hell of a Headmistress!!


Yeah I’m actually screaming that right now as I sit all alone in my office!! Mrs D is the Headmistress of the Primary School next door who sets me on edge and torments me even though I’m not one of her kids.

I love the fact that the view from my office is of a school and some of my happiest moments are spent watching the kids play...until Mrs D shows up that is.

She is sooooo Authoritarian and stresses those poor kids everyday!! She talks down on the Teachers in front of the parents and bullies them into doing whatever she wants. I’ve never met Mrs D or been to the school before, everything I know about her I hear from my office though her LOUDspeaker!!

One assembly, she actually made those kids say the Lord’s Prayer about 10times because she claimed they weren’t saying the ‘Heaven’ in ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ from their stomachs!! The poor and tired kids ended up screaming “HEAVEN” so many times, that the angels probably had to shut their ears!!

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Another time, she asked them to say a prayer for themselves using her name as an example of how they should pray; they did. After the prayer, she asked those who mentioned her name in place of theirs to own up. Some of them confessed; she went on and on about it.

The funny thing is that deep down, I know Mrs D actually cares about those kids, but her methods are just so Authoritarian and Stressful. Even I in my office feels stressed to the point that I unconsciously sit upright once I hear her voice.

Who will rescue me (or more importantly the kids) from Mrs D? Gosh I hated school...


  1. The Horror!!!! did she hit their fingers with a ruler ...mine used to tell the teachers to do that.

  2. Mrs D needs to get laid!!!... The next PTA meeting should be with Mr D, beginning him to PLEASE relief some of Mrs D's stress...

    All work and no "play" makes Mrs D a bitter woman!

  3. @Phunshots: 'With a ruler'?? Some people who used to get chased around school with major kobokos wouldnt find it funny oo...Lol

    @Nuke: fairness to Mrs D, she's not a 'bitter' woman...just maybe a little too much time on her hands!!

  4. mrs O uses a T-square when we were in jss1, and she feels so good about it. wicked woman!!!