Thursday, March 18, 2010

TARIERE's Offer for Sponsorship at a Writing/Publishing Seminar: Feedback

Last week, 2 TARIERE members were invited to attend a 1-day Intensive Seminar on Writing & Publishing after they responded to an offer made by TARIERE.

Only one was able to attend, the other couldn't for logistic reasons. Oluwatomilola Aderibigbe did and shares her thoughts about the Seminar with TARIERE readers:

Thank you very much for making me attend. I really appreciate it. The seminar went on well, it really spurred me to write and i was exposed to various attributes to writing and how to go about it. I had always procastinated but the key is just to write, and scribble the thoughts i have,

Another key thing was the cycle of writing from the first draft till when it gets to the publisher. I must really give kudos to the facilitator who was able to go round the topics and efficiently as well.

Overall, it was an interesting one, we had debates and different thoughts on how writng is, what it should be, inculcating our native languages and etc. Thank you so much for the exposure you gave me.



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