Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finishing School Tips for Guys & Girls (Part 2)


Now it’s your turn guys!! I’m sharing some tips on Etiquette for guys that I heard today…note that I’ve done a little remixing here and there...

• How dare you not open the door for the lady you’ve just given a ride in your car?? I don’t care whether you picked her up from the street and you’re dropping her at a very busy Bus-stop with LASTMA staring right at you, and okadas everywhere, horns blaring for you to get your ass off the road and a BRT bus rushing at you from the other side…..GET OUT OF THE CAR AND GO OPEN THE PASSENGER DOOR FOR HER TO STEP OUT!!!

• You have been made to be the official DOORMEN!! Yes…so all the doors are waiting for you to push them open for the Beautiful creatures you were made to serve….I think they’re called Wo- something….not sure I think its Wo-wo-men or something like that!!

• Don’t think that just because you don’t have to squat to take a pee gives you the liberty to unleash wherever you feel like!! A King doesn’t just brandish his sword on every occasion!! (and I don’t mean that for just pee-ing!!)

• For those of you that are Strong, Outdoor Men, you may get a little sweat here and there and a little whiff of a smell also!! Tip: A Lemon Bath helps…and shower often too!!

• The only place that it’s allowed to get crazy and scream about Soccer is either in the Stadium or in the Bars or wherever you watch your matches!! Please spare us all those LOUD arguments about Tevez, Gevez, Sevez and all those other Vezes!!

• You are the STRONG Sex (as they say!!) so why do you leave us weak, feeble armed Lil Women to carry all that luggage?! I mean even my handbag weighs about the same as a small car!! Please guys, your strong shoulders have been made to carry all the bags possible!! Look at that lady beside you….can’t you see how burdened she looks?! It’s the bag!! Take it from her and take her friend’s also!! There you go…..Don’t you just love guys Girls?! Aren’t they the BEST?!!

That’s all I can remember for you guys also!! Bye Gentlemen!!

Parting Quote

“The only time you can see a guy in Lagos opening a car door for a lady it means the door don spoil!” – Male friend of Tariere


  1. No issues with opening doors for women (when they are not 'omo alataish'), but draw the line at carrying a woman's bag!!! Definitely do not subscribe to bodily effluences of the funky aromatic type!!!

    Did we beg you people to buy the largest bags in all the designer stores? Go to the gym!!! Who born the maga!!! LMHO!!!

  2. lol..........gurl ur so unwell.

  3. @Babatunde: Lol....and Tttcchheeewwwww

  4. Carry her bag and her friends bags too? Funny! What's usually in those huge ass bags anyway. I took a peek into a friend's bag and saw 5 cases of sunglasses, a huge diary (Its 2010! Nobody carrys a diary around these days), a makeup bag that is a huge bag in its own right, and so on. When i asked WHY? She said the bag has to be filled up to take shape! I rest my case.

  5. LOL!! Once heard of a girl who pulled out a tuber of yam from her Louie Vuitton!!

  6. See o! And men are expected to carry bags that 'have to be filled up'!!! Tuber of yam too!!! Ttttcchewwwww!!!!! And yes, I hissed and I'm a man's man!

  7. Lol...Man's man...don't question the content just see a lady in distress!!

  8. With an outsized bag? We shall indeed 'see'! LOL!