Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finishing School Tips for Guys & Girls

I had me a little prepping today on Etiquette from a renowned Etiquette Guru!! So in my usual generous nature I’ve decided to share with you...


• Drinking from the bottle of anything, soft drinks, beer, champagne (you know who you are!!hehehe), or even water is a big NO, NO!! ALWAYS use a glass!

• You know all those annoying guys who just don’t get the message that you’re NOT interested and keep bugging like deprived puppies?! Well, it’s un-ladylike to be rude or scream at them…even though that’s exactly what they deserve! Gently tell them “I’m sorry I’m not interested…but we can be friends”. I forgot to ask what you do when you don’t ever want to set your eyes on the person again!!

• You ever thought you were being a lady when you pick your teeth with a tooth pick or floss in Public and you cover your mouth with your hand? Well apparently that’s still just as bad as picking your nose in Public!! Na wa ooooooo!! So next time you have a mouthful of beef or veggies stuck in between all your front teeth, smile politely, excuse yourself and go take it out in the Little Girls’ Room!! (LOOOOLL)

• Table hopping at an Event is distasteful!! So even if you see D’Banj or even Beyonce sitting at a table and you want to prove to everyone that you guys have been childhood buddies, simply wait to catch their attention from where you are seated and WAVE!! Or better still, sit at your table and scream the name and wave!! (just joking ooooooo!!)

• It is a disgrace to Womanhood to pop a squat and pee in Public!! Let me simplify it for you- DO NOT URINATE OUTSIDE!! MA SE TO SI ITA!!! Hold it until you find a toilet-Public or Private. Tari’s Disclaimer: Holding your pee for too long can cause Bladder and Kidney infections as well as Urinary Tract Infection!! So please don’t say it’s on TARIERE they told you to hold your pee ooooo!!

• It’s alright to accept help from a guy that wants to carry your luggage or open a door for you!! By refusing help from guys because you think ‘What a man can do a Woman can do better’, you’re just fighting your gender not being Independent!! Allow Men be Men and you bask in the delight it is to be a Woman!!

• When a guy comes to toast you and you compulsively check him out from head-to-toe to see if he measures up to the Ideal man you’ve created in your mind, well that’s veerrryyy wrong!! You judge the poor guy by his watch, his car, his H factor, his shoes, his size and everything else but his heart….which is the most important thing!!

Alright so that’s all the tips for Girls that I can remember!! Good luck with them girls’…..lemme know how it goes for you!!

Parting Quote

“She go say Market Woman na Woman….she go say I be Lady ooo” – Fela Anikulapo- Kuti

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