Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top 7 Exotic Restaurants under N7k for Valentine's Day

It’s the Season of Love and I’m sure that a lot of you in relationships are cracking your heads right now thinking about somewhere special and memorable to take your loved one to.

TARIERE has come to the rescue!! I have compiled a list of great...and I do mean great Restaurants right here in Lagos, where you can go and have a meal on Valentine’s Day and not have to starve for the rest of the year or month, seeing that there’s a Recession and all!!

These restaurants serve delicious, exotic dishes that are extremely affordable for ALL…

1. The Whitehouse: situated in the quaint and bustling Sabo area of Lagos, the Whitehouse has served the taste buds of generations of Lagosians for decades!! No-one who has visited her shaded compound ever leaves the same as they came. With mouth watering dishes such as pounded yam, amala, rice with obe din-din and other such exotic Nigerian dishes, the Whitehouse is definitely the place to take your date to this Valentine.

2. Ola-iya: the popular Akerele Road of Surulere can boast of the best amala-serving spot in all of Lagos. Food lovers from all the different parts of this huge city flock to Ola-iya to experience the exceptional tastes of amala cooked with lots of love.

3. Bank-Olemoh: Designer rice just got even more pimped out at this spot. Bank-Olemoh is just off Akerele Road in Surulere. The name of the street is Bank-Olemoh and the joint cannot be missed.

4. Ghana High Commission: ‘Ghana must Go??!’ just as long as they don’t take the Buka of their High Commission along with them!! You wouldn’t hear this anywhere else, but I will exclusively reveal to you today that the best ‘ewa-agonyin’ (mashed beans with pepper stew) is served at Ghana High!! Jollof rice and other delicacies are available at the Restaurant located off King George IV Road in Onikan.

5. Berkeley: located just down the road from Ghana High, Berkeley is on Berkeley Street. A tiny joint that boasts of mammoth satisfaction for anyone who has a meal there. Serving Rice with an almost black pepper stew and Amala, Berkeley (also called Iya-eba) is definitely a must go this Valentine. However guys I need to warn you beforehand that the maddest booty in all of West Africa is on one of the servers in Berkeley!! So don’t go staring and get yourselves dumped in the middle of your Designer Rice!

6. Mama Ay: Unilag Alumni HOLLA!!! Tucked in a corner on Queen’s Street, Alagomeji, Yaba, Mama Ay offers the best Designer stew on that side of Lagos!!

7. Jevnik: for lovers of Ofe Nsala, Edikankong, Afang and delicacies from the Efik and Igbo parts of Nigeria, Jevnik on Agoro Odiyan Street in Victoria Island, is your best bet this Valentine’s. They have going for them the fact that they bring your food less than 7minutes from ordering and it still tastes as though they brought it straight from the village!! Get ready to have mountain sized portions of food set in front of you though!!

So these are my Top 7 Restaurant picks this Valentine. They all cost way less than N7000 for meals even for 5 people!!

Guys it’s also a great way to test if your girl is a Ride-or-Die Chic!! If she can go to any of these places with you without complaining and even tell you that it’s the best Valentine’s ever, then she’s got to be the One.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or any other great places like these that I’ve missed out...


  1. chei i miss mama Ay oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! and some Ghana High o! i would pay any amount for frozen mama Ay stew to London! @ Tari very humorous i must say! but all d food sweet sha! i have sampled all of them! lol!

  2. Lmao!

    my cheapskate self RAN OVER HERE...*hiss* loool this is worth a try though...

  3. um, you are making me very, very, very, very hungry with this post. *leaving this site right now*

  4. @ Anonymous: Hi-five mehn...I've sampled all too!!
    @ Chari: Lol...pls do try and lemme know how it went!!
    @ Solomon: Lol

  5. lollllll at "the maddest booty in all of West Africa is on one of the servers in Berkeley!! So don’t go staring and get yourselves dumped in the middle of your Designer Rice!"

  6. Oh Tari, Oh Tari! You just had to awaken these taste buds of mine. You've got me salivating already. I am a food-lover and I noticed that you missed out a few places that are worthy of mention. First, there's this place on Ikorodu Road opposite Fidson head office. It's called Yak'oyo meaning "stop by and get a belly-full". The food there is just toooooo mad. Then, there's this place called Canada in Ebute-Metta. It's on Cemetary street by the turning to Kano Street. You can smell their Efo-Riro from miles away. And how could I forget AMALA? That's actually the name of the place......some bad ass Gbegiri and Ewedu stuff. Finally, there is "THE BUKHA". It's tucked away at the end of Muri Okunola, opposite PriceWaterhouseCooper. The food is fantastic and the place is very upscale with a very Urban outlook. They are opening at 13, University Road, Akoka next monthm