Thursday, December 10, 2009

Would you marry Me?

I’m a sucker for great romantic lines in movies (blame it on the girl in me!!).

My all time favorite line, which still gives me goose bumps regardless of how many times I hear it over and over again, has just got to be “You complete me”…a la Tom Cruise in ‘Jerry McGuire’.

With all the Marriage Contract wahala he and Katie Holmes are going through right now, all I wonder is why he didn’t use that line on her. She would have married him in a flash without a care about how much she’ll be getting for each child she bears for him, or how much annual clothing allowance she’ll get.
Dude needs to get his head out of the moon (where he has Real Estate by the way) and start realizing how much power his little mouth holds.

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Tom Cruise screaming 'Show me the money' in Jerry Mc Guire

My second favorite romantic line (or series of lines) in a movie is definitely from Tyler Perry's ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’.
Guy wants to propose to his lady; first of all she just wakes up to find a ring on her finger. She doesn’t know where it has come from, so she goes to him asking how far. He looks her deep in her eyes and (so I don’t spoil it for you just in case you haven’t seen the movie) tells her “……all I need you to do is wake up every morning, I’ll take it from there… my wife”. (Tari screaming)

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Shemar Moore- he played Orlando who made the proposal

I didn’t think lines or marriage proposals could get any better than these until last night, when I heard a proposal (not made to me…arrrrggghhh). I would replay the proposal to you before I tell you who made it, but I’ve got to tell you, it is by far the most realistic, well thought out, and classic proposal ever made…and it goes thus:

I have put the translation in bracket for the benefit of those who don’t understand pidgin English

(Man proposing)

…I no need anything from you (…I don’t need anything from you)
No give me your money, keep am (Don’t give me your money, keep it)
The only thing wey I want na to love you (The only thing I want is to love you)
I wan take care of you (I want to take care of you)
I no want make you do anything at all sef (I don’t want you to do anything at all)
Na me go wash car, wash house, (I will wash the car, wash the house)
Wash your clothes, wash plates (…your clothes, and the plates)
I go even go market sef (I will go to the market)
I no go stay long for market (I wouldn’t stay long there)
If I stay long, as I dey come back (If I stay long, on my way back…)
I go pluck cane (I’ll pluck a cane)
Make you take am flog me (For you to flog me with)
Anything wey you want I go do (Ill do anything you want)
I no go look any other woman except you (Ill not look at any other woman but you)
In fact, I go even buy gun sef (In fact, I’ll buy a gun)
So if I look another woman, (So that if I look at another woman…)
Make you take am shoot me (You can shoot me with it)
Just marry me, na all I want. (All I want is fr you to marry me)

And they say Nigerian men are not romantic!!! This is the most romantic proposal that’s ever been made and it was made by none other than Pa James of the famous Papa Ajasco TV series.

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Pa James (on the left)

Of course the lady he was proposing to agreed to marry him!! What the heck, I’d have married him myself!!


  1. lol.... id marry him myself... but knwing the vow to clean n clean is a big TRAP!

  2. Lol...the only thing that is a TRAP in this proposal is beleiving its too good to be true and asking him not to bother!!