Monday, December 14, 2009

Vice-President of the 'Alanta' Nation

There is this new dance that has completely taken over here in Nigeria. It is called ‘Atlanta’ or more popularly, ‘A-lan-taa’.

There is no dance floor or social gathering here that can be complete without someone or everyone going wild doing ‘Alanta’.

I mean even in church one day, the entire choir burst out into a choreographed ‘Alanta’ session.

I do a mild ‘Alanta’ myself, nothing too spectacular even though friends have over time tried to teach me to do the different brands of it. I just generally suck at dancing!!

Here’s a video that describes the move in full. For those of you who want to upgrade your Naija swag, get ready to screw your face up while you do the ‘Alantaaaaa…’

This dance is sooo hugely popular that even the Vice President and potential President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (depending on the outcome of our President’s health, and if the Constitution is respected) is getting down with it…

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Vice President, Goodluck Jonathan

LOOOLLLL....till next time, keep getting your 'Alaanntaa' on!!!

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