Monday, December 21, 2009

The Tiger Syndrome

Hellooooo!! Hope you all had a great weekend!! I had a veeerrryyy lazy one in bed. I’ve probably broken the world record for total number of hours slept at a go!! But it was so worth it as I feel like a suitcase of diamonds today!!

So as you can already imagine, my weekend was not very eventful! Well up until Sunday evening when I decided to go and see what my fellow crazy Lagosians were up to. Trust the people of this beautiful city called Las Gidis, they didn’t disappoint me.

A new club that’s just opened somewhere in Victoria Island threw its doors open for all we bored and um…thirsty Insomniacs that wouldn’t pass up on any opportunity to have a great time, not even on a Sunday evening.

So there we were, on a breezy Sunday evening, tons of people lazing around a steaming pool with loud music being played by I have to admit one of the hottest DJ’s around; shirtless guys and half-naked girls, rivers of alcohol….and you know the drift…just another typical day in the city of Lagos.

Well in usual Gidis style, the night isn’t complete without the compulsory dose of gossip to give it just that extra punch it needs. I was really just getting into the groove of things when my dosage was brought to me. I was quite excited to hear it; you can’t blame me I’ve been out of touch with anything but my bed for the past few days.

So I’ve decided to share with you some hot, fresh out of the oven Lagos gist, that you wouldn’t be getting anywhere else….City People (biggest gossip mag in Lagos)style!!

A gorgeous and extremely sexy Lagos Big Babe, who is well-known within the inner circuits of the Island crowd, especially for her sexual prowess among the guys (and speculatively the girls too) and also for her very liberal spending habits was caught pants down in a very ‘posh’ and ‘exclusive’ nightclub that is meant strictly for the A-listers.

The unfortunate Big Babe was ‘ooohhhing’ and ‘aaahhhing’ as she was being shagged (City People wouldn’t use ‘shagged’ though) by an extremely popular and well-connected Lagos Big Boy who is rumored to be hooked on certain substances of an addictive nature, when her boyfriend walks in on them!! SCANDAL!!!

Caught right in the thick of things, she couldn’t pull a Shaggy (It wasn’t me!!) on him, and now has to leave with the consequences of her actions…Being Dumped!!! Very unfortunate, as this is the only guy who in spite of her reputation as a promiscuous young lady was willing to go the extra mile with her.

Wow!! I really might indeed make it as a Gossip Columnist!! Anyway, this gist was very sweet to hear; especially as all the parties involved were present as it was being whispered to me! So I was very excited…but my excitement soon turned to shame and disgust for myself.

There I was (we were) entertaining ourselves with something very real that someone was going through. I was disgusted because who are we to laugh at her and judge her for what she did just because SHE got caught?!

Such behavior from our human race didn’t just begin today, after all it was Jesus who famously said to an angry mob about to stone an adulterous woman to death, “Let he who has no sin cast the first stone”.

I want to publicly apologize to Tiger Woods, Britany Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Tu-face, the mysterious Lagos Big Babe, and every other person whose difficult situation, mistake or caught with their pants down moment (I’m sorry I can’t help myself) I’ve ever laughed at, judged or entertained myself with, without thinking about what they may be actually going through personally.

But away from the Tiger Syndrome for now...what would you do if you were caught with your pants down just like our mysterious Lagos Big Babe or well, Tiger Woods??!

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