Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 1 - No Fizziness in my Bubbliness

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My body feels tight!!!

So today, I was actually conscious about my habits and decided to do something!! I might just be becoming a berra person.

I finally got up from bed at about 8:30am, after about thirty minutes of being awake but just lazing in bed. Seriously, I wonder how many jobs I’d have had to go through if I was working a regular 9-5 job. There’d probably be some kind of underground ‘Do not hire for your own good’ list circulated among the HR departments that would have a picture of me asleep while the company blew up or something.

Seriously, I love my bed!! It just accepts me the way I am and asks no questions or make any demands of me.
A creak in the backside of my shoulder was the motivator to get up and do a few stretching exercises. I learned those from my former personal trainer.
Rosky has one of those bodies that if you punched your knuckles against, will hurt for days. He even sometimes asked me to use his abdomen to test my punch strength. Rosky is also a former Egyptian slave driver reincarnated as a personal trainer/ rap artiste.
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I’m not joking; he trained me everyday, for two rigorous hours, 6am-8am. I believe he sometimes forgot that I was not an aspiring male heavyweight champion. I carried weights of all proportions, which he increased every week. I did squats for my legs and even attempted press-ups (which I never succeeded at by the way).

When I started with Rosky, I could only just manage 10 sit-ups, but after 2 weeks of his no-nonsense enforcement, I was doing 200 easy!!
Those were the best days for my body. Lean, hard and healthy. I was unstoppable; there was nothing I couldn’t do!!

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Well, they say the latter will be better than the former abi? I just may be on the path to regain my lean athletic yet curvy body back. I shall judge myself by my actions today.
My lunch was simple; a delicious potato salad. Early dinner was a just right portion of chicken and chips. Hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin for breakfast (couldn’t resist the muffin, it had just come out of the oven).

Water all the way. No fizziness in my bubbliness.

…and yeah my awkward attempts at aerobics in front of the mirror of my guy friend’s room while he amused himself with the way my bum was scattering all over the place with every jump. Not exactly 30 full minutes of cardio, but about um...7!!

So there…not a bad first day, I’d say. I guess I’d have to become my own Rosky.

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