Thursday, July 9, 2009

Now Here I Am Dropping The Weight Bomb

30 lower abdomen crunches!!!
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Not bad eh?? Lunch consisted of rice and vegetables, and was the only major meal for the entire day. Light nibbles on some biscuit and long-throat kpomo were the only other things I chewed today.

I actually feel really great right now!! At the beginning of this process, which is in it’s second day, I thought I’d automatically transform into one of those chronic weight watchers who constantly get on my nerves.

I always got so pissed off when hanging out with my girlfriends and from nowhere someone would throw the weight bomb. In my opinion, it is the most boring and repetitive topic of conversation, second only to recants of drunken nights.

Maybe because I had nothing to contribute to the former, but lots of repetitious tales for the latter.

So why I’m blogging about weight right now beats the hell out of me!! Anyway writing down my thoughts is always a journey for me, so I ‘m also excited to see where this takes us all.

Us all?? My arrogance never ceases to amaze me! How do I know that there’s even anyone reading this at all not to talk of following this weight adventure of mine?

Well, talking to myself is familiar turf to me, so I guess I’ll just continue rambling until someone chooses to join my conversation with me.

As I go to bed now, I wonder: Am I happy?

Hmmn…can’t really say.


  1. hold up!

    Tari why would you wana be losing wait? abi no be you? shuo?!

  2. It's me o!! I'm not trying to lose, more like dont wanna go beyond what I am now!!