Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's Weight Gotta Do With It?

Look I’m not even gonna lie; Putting on a little bit of weight has gotten me a whole lot of attention!! I get much more stares when I walk past a group of guys because of my nicely formed and unbelievably sashaying booty.

Only recently, I wore a pair of leather pants to the club and even I had to admit that I looked 'BAD'. Dresses that used to hang on me now look as though the designer was having a sexual fantasy about me when he was laying the dimensions.

So yeah, I am enjoying this process.

Food has never tasted better; chocolates, ice-cream and even water have scintillating effects on my feel good nerves.
Life is good; so what if the side effect of the good life is adding a few pounds that show the world that my inside is just as robust and healthy as my outside.

What is weird is that I don’t work out regularly; I’ve been an athlete in my day and I actually enjoy running. I can’t even point out anything that I can blame to be the reason why I don’t work out. I have a treadmill at home, along with a sister who I tease to be bionic, yet I just don’t bother.

What scares me is that one day I'd look at my self in the mirror and wonder ‘What the heck happened?”

Anyway let’s hope I never get there. This is why I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to eat only very little portions all before 8pm, drink only about 8units of alcohol weekly, and do 30minutes of cardio 4 times a week for the first two weeks and 3 from then on.

Watch me do this!!!

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