Monday, January 28, 2008

The Reverend Father Who Wouldn't Stop

I wonder why it's so difficult and sometimes impossible for one man to make way for another to forge ahead. By man I'm not being gender specific. Everybody wants to get ahead. Therefore we feel as though giving someone the opportunity to explore our proposed destination before us will ultimately rid us of the opportunity of ever getting there ourselves.
Is this a delusional and baseless fear or is it a trait that is so imbued in our collective psyches that we lack the ability to trust one another with the opportunities that we seek for ourselves?
Are we all so caught up in this jungle of survival that we are dead to the basic principle of 'doing for others what you'll have them do for you'?
Are we completely unaware of the fact that someone else may have once occupied those destinations that we seek for ourselves, and had the grace to move on thus leaving it available for us to aspire to? Or do we just conveniently forget that life is a series of repetitive cycles?
The Reverend Father who wouldn't stop in the traffic for me to go through, teaches me that even those whom we revere because we have chosen to believe that they confer a level of spiritual affirmation on us are also in on the hustle.


  1. Wow! A Reverend father?? Interesting.
    I believe when ppl have passed a stage in their lives, they easily forget wat it took to get there or how i felt because they seem to lack sympathy for those there,same reason parents just dont seem to understand kids when they were kids themsleves smtime ago.

  2. Excellent point!! Sometimes I think we are sooo scared of seeing ourselves back in those places we are coming from, so we begin to detest people who are there, as they represent our fear.
    Thanks for taking out time to read!! Looking forward to reading your opinions on the other subjects discussed in the blog.