Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blazing Sun in Naija hold-up

Wetin de happen? I'm currently in an office tucked away somewhere in Victoria Island, Lagos, dreading the moment that I'd have to leave here. The traffic on Ajose Adeogun is not very friendly at this time, or any other time of the day. Anyway I'm glad that my oye is pumping otherwise it would have been an utmost nightmare. First of all the Naija sun dey vex as always, then my already stretched conscience will once again be tested when the little kids come running up to the car, apologising for begging me for money, yet begging all the same.
What do you do in such a situation? E no be say everything de rosy for you, try explaining that to those kids, they see you in a pimped out ride, a/c pumping, gbedu blasting (Ajasa representing) and they think that you have the answer to all their problems.
They don't understand say fine girl doesn't guarantee fuel in your tank or money in your over-sized Nine-West bag at all times. Who can help me explain to them that at a really down and crazy moment a friend and I have actually calculated that if we stand on the road and beg just like the little kids on the street, we'd have enough money to do what we desperately wanted to achieve under 30 minutes.
Well I guess they'd never believe me. Anyhow wetin fine babe like me go do? I have to keep aside some spare change for them everytime I enter town make they no cry me a river.


  1. First u sounded like u had some kinda passion for d lil kids,but at the end..u sum'd it all up to wat I was actually waiting to read at the tail of the story.
    Ok,u one of dem high class toys right? for real U'd mke 2much money,but dnt think it wld be dat easy with nothing in exchange for d money,I hpe u undstnd wat I mean there..How many other fine gurls do u think hang out like those lil kids to mke money?
    millions of dem around naija,but we basically call wat dey do prostitution,becoz no man,wld give money jst like dat wen he knws he cld use d edge agst her,to hve his way.
    n abt the lil kids,wat do u think abt dem? Cuz I actually dint get d message clear the first they frustrating or something of its kind?
    Lemme read frm u,when I can..but hpefully soon.


  2. Hello Anonymous,
    I apologise that it took me more than a year to respond to your comment. Please forgive me.
    I can't really use frustration as the emotion to describe what I feel for the kids I see on the streets of Lagos.
    What I feel is more of a sadness that they have to be there at all. My discomfort comes from the fact that I felt a helplessness to do anything their situation.
    I feel differently about it now though.
    You can check out my note: 'These are the Casualties' on Facebook, where I share an experience that changed how I see them.
    You can find me as Tari Ekiyor on Facebook and check out my notes.