Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Miracle ko, miracle ni!

Hurray!!!! Naija has made it into the quarter finals of the Nations Cup!!! Even if only by whatever you choose to credit it to. It's nice to be in the quarter finals I must say. It beats coming home back home to area where the questionably super Eagles may have been severely brushed by irate fans.
I have a confession to make: Yesterday before the match, I asked God to disregard the prayers of my fellow Nigerians to give us a miracle in yesterday's match. This might come as a shock to you since I'm a Nigerian, who by the way, loves Nigeria, but I really felt that it's time we as a nation woke up to the reality that we are drowning in our game, and realise that it's time for drastic measures to be taken.
God giving us a miracle so we aren't embarrassed out of the Nation's Cup, doesn't guarantee that Nigeria's team will bounce back into it's former glory! Maybe we do need to be disgraced out of the Competition, maybe it's time for us to realise that all those not so glorified teams are busting their asses to be crowned with the glory that Nigeria once had.
We can't continue to exist in a false sense of security, believing that after all we are Nigeria, we own African football. All these nations want this glory and are diligently working toward achieving it, and we the big, arrogant giant of Africa are sitting on our falsely magnified behinds and believing God will hand deliver a giant-sized miracle.
Who deserves a miracle? Is it not those who aren't so unrealistically over-confident in their own power, but give their very best and then ask God to reward their efforts with a miracle?
Think Nigeria, think.

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