Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Humilating Uniforms Anonymous

I sat one afternoon sometime ago with a group of Security Guards at the gate of an estate in Ikoyi. They spoke; I listened (at first trying to pretend that I wasn’t..not to seem rude)

They spoke of Politics, profiled the different Ethnic groups in Nigeria, and of course, the forthcoming Elections!!

By the way, they will be voting for whatever Candidate whose posters, or other Campaign material is thrust in their faces more. Politicians, Election Strategists, Campaign Managers, and everyone else with a stake, please take note; the race is to the one with the highest Media expenditure!!

But is this really so?!

It’s possible to spend chunks of cash on Advertising and Publicity, but at the end of the day, rake in shreds of dismal failure as your returns. A few Events come to mind as case study, but I shall sharrap!!

It’s the ‘shooting blanks’ principle that plays itself out in those circumstances. Like trying to pitch a new line of Superhero costumes to the Pope!!

Right Product; Wrong Audience

Alright, I don’t really know where I’m going with this, as I am just ranting right now!!

Okay, the Guards!!

They had really nice uniforms, which I couldn’t help complimenting them on. After the ‘thanks’ and squaring of their shoulders to stand taller, I probed further:

"Does it make you work better when you like your uniform?"

“Yes”, Okechukwu replied, “It makes you feel confident and proud of what you do”

I can totally identify.

I immediately felt immense compassion for all the millions of people around the world who have to right now wear Winnie the Pooh, Mighty Mouse..and all those other highly embarrassing uniforms to earn a living!!

My heart goes out to you..remember, the Uniform doesn’t make you, you make it!!

My heart especially, goes out to our resident Men in Black..the underpaid members of the Nigeria Police Force, who have to prowl under the harsh Naija sun to do their job, in a coarse BLACK uniform, and are still expected to perform without collecting bribes (not even for for ice-water)!!

Do you wear (or have you ever had to) wear a uniform you hate? Share with us...


  1. Hi my name is ibifiri and I love your blog. I also have a blog and it is " Will love you to be a follower and drop your comments as to how I write.
    i have never had to wear a uniform that a hate, but an asoebi i hated. It was a friends wedding and because of the aso I almost didn't go for the wedding. And yes whatever you wear really helps to boost your self confidence.
    Take care and keep up the good work

  2. Nice article! My secondary school uniform sucked big time! Lol! And the brides maid costume my friend picked out was horrible! I get where these men are coming from.